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    Installed Twist Top roof:

    Installed Rear view mirror:

    Installed F4 +3 windshield:

    Installed belt cover:

    Installed painted stealth fender & e-break cover:

    Installed new steering wheel:

    Installed new shift knop and cover:

    Installed my luggage carrier (Made it myself):

    Converted to LED Light's:

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    Ok, so while the wifey and I were enjoying a day ride at the coast of Monterrey, CA, a 2015 or so Mustang GT wanted to test its limits against ol' slingy. Well, I obliged and threw it into 3rd down US 101 and pulled away from it after about 120mph (hehehe apparently those GT's are governed somewhere in that range :D ). I was about 3 car lengths ahead of him when exiting out of a corner I hit a HUGE dip in the road and smashed my tips on my exhaust!!!! (oopsie! I bet that looked cool from behind) I stayed on it and when we got to our stop in Gilroy I checked the undercarriage and all was well but the poor (what used to be 3" round) tips were smashed into a nice oval crunch!! So no the only problem was at a high reve the vibrated and touched together make a sound that was as if the whole exhaust was dragging on the ground. It wasn't all the time but only when coming down from a high rev.(see pic below)

    Soooooo, I spent this past Sunday removing the smashed and installing these...

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    Many know I was the first in Michigan to own a Sling and 15 to 25 over all. Many also know I was "almost done" ;) modding my first after 1 1/2 yrs. of ownership. I had a JonV turbo for 25 miles before blowing the motor. Then some of my Forum Brothers shipped my Sling to Alpha Powersport to do an engine swap. While there for the engine swap , @Painter painted me a valve cover and coilpack cover and sent it to Henry to install. The Alpha Crew put a cold air intake and my Pre-turbo Alpha side exhaust on for me. On April 1st about 4hrs into my return home from Alpha with my new engine and goodies I was caught in a blizzard and put my Sling ass first into the freeway wall at about 55mph. That totalled my Sling, yet preserved my pretty engine stuff and other mods of which I reclaimed before letting the insurance company auction it off.

    The "totalled" determination came from my insurance company and I had about a week to find a Black Base for the Summit Race Day on the 24th of April. Chris

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    I probably have gone more wallet friendly than most. I recently got married and bought a new place as well as maintain a couple of properties for rent and that keeps things tight on the wallet so having the SS has been a blessing and a curse. In this article I will just outline what I have added in the time I have owned it as well as put a price tag for those interested. So here we go:

    Mod 3: Stereo - $390

    Mod 4: Changed in Windshield - $275

    Mod 6: Added subwoofer and amp - $180

    Mod 7: Kenwood Double DIN DVD player with Bluetooth: $175

    Mod 9: SL Wheels and New Tires: $315

    Mod 10: Alpha Master Cylinder Brace: $130

    Mod 11: Stealth Audi Shade: $30

    Mod 12: Vented Hood Insert: $200

    Mod 13: Cycle Springs 11 piece heat reduction kit/floor mats $129

    Mod 14: Hahn turbo $2800

    As always there will always be more mods, there will always be more money spent...but in the short time I have had the SS I have made some things happen that make it mine and am

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    After having the sling down for almost a month and a half with only 2 days in between there to drive to install the exhaust, my PURPLE MACHINE is back up and running better than ever!!!

    Installed the black ceramic coated header that came back from powder-coating and man it looks BEAUTIFUL!!

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