Everything you ever wanted to know about the flat white turbo beast....

    I may have some of these items listed 2 times. I lost track several times while listing them.

    Here is goes...... A never before seen list of my goodies. I didn't list the top yet because it hasn't officially been bolted on yet.

    After making this list I have decided to attend an ACCESSORIES ANONYMOUS program. Also if I die please tell my wife that it was all bought on sale for less than 1/2 price. :D

    Painted Audi Q7 Ibis matte white color

    Install QA1 coilover Suspension

    TricLed side wind deflectors

    DDM Transmission Dust Cover

    Installed DDM Splitter

    Installed DDM heavy duty swaybar and links

    Installed red top Odyssey battery

    Installed rear jump points and charge points

    Installed DDM custom exhaust bypass and dump pipe

    Install forged DDM engine in Slingshot

    Install ALPHA / DDM hybrid turbo system

    Install Innovate AFR and Boost controller

    Install DDM short shifter

    Install DDM Coolant tank with sight glass

    Install Alpha turbo quiet muffler

    Install 12" JL subwoofers

    Install 5 channel JL AMP


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