Cream Cheese Pound Cake 2

Author: allison - Jul 2nd 2016

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This is one of the recipes everyone calls me to bake. When I was a stay at home employee, at Christmas time, I would bake close to 30 during Christmas.
2 Hour(s)
Amount Name
2 Teaspoon Vanilla Flavoring
3 Cup Sugar
12 Ounce Real Butter
6 Bunch Eggs
8 Ounce Cream Cheese
3 Cup All Purpose Flour
Preheat Oven 350. Spray or flour pound cake pan. Cream together butter and cream cheese at room temperature.Add sugar and mix well. Add eggs one at a time, mixing well after each one. Add vanilla( I use a very good quality vanilla, it makes a difference in taste). Add flour and mix well. Pour into pan and bake for a hour and a half. I would check it at hour and 20 minutes, because everyones oven cooks differently.

Comments 2

  • Joker256 -

    This sounds AMAZING! Hopefully I can get my wife to make it. (I can cook, but suck at baking)

  • rabtech -

    This is really good... You won't find it on any diet menu either...... I can only eat 1/4 of it at a time.... is not affiliated with Polaris Industries the makers of Polaris Slingshot in any way.