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  • geocachermike -

    I finally registered. Mike & Cris

  • LargeCar -

    I like the stars and strips hood vent. Let me know if it is for sale. LargeCar

    • Bubblehead -

      Hey Buddy, not at the moment, gonna keep it in case I need to switch back for any reason.

    • LargeCar -

      Ok thanks. I'm all about the Red, white, and blue. Have it in the center of the stinger roof.

  • BlackDeath -

    Happy Birthday ! Make it the best one yet!

  • Jdin -

    Happy birthday

  • FunCycle -

    Happy Birthday to You, Have a good day

  • Nemesis1701 -

    Happy BDay!

  • DarkSquid -

    Check your PayPal

  • DarkSquid -


  • DarkSquid -

    Tickets - I'm in VABeach

  • nipper51 -

    I know one of our SS sponsors has similar but I want to put a 5 function leds inside the contour of our roll bars. Any heads up will help. No luck on cutting a 48" strip an rewiring a link separating them.

  • DarkSquid -

    Sent you an email. Found something we have in common

  • mytoy -

    Did you get my PM? Just asking :)

    • Bubblehead -

      Saw it today but had already ordered the adapter from Slingmods....

  • mytoy -

    Are you coming to blues and booze @ MACAWS? we would look forward to meet you and your honey.

  • MACAWS -

    Hey Buddy - got an email that you sent me a message but couldn't figure how to find the message to reply, so I came here. The coats are from COSTCO or Walmart - Brand is Free Country - cheap like $25 - $30. I have seen orange and I think red. Embroidery from a local guy. about $35.
    Also bought cheap light weight windbreakers and did the same thing.

  • FunCycle -

    I enjoyed the weekend and thanks

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