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  • FunCycle -

    Would you like an SS decal just like the picture on @mytoy's nut cover thread? The picture of the one he gave to Anita. I have one left right now. I might have to make some more. If you do just send the address. I know I have seen it somewhere but could not find it.

    • UK_Paul -

      Paul Andrews
      HR4 8BT

      That would be fantastic!
      Big thanks from your European mate.

    • UK_Paul -


      Roseanne = Rosebank
      Westerham = Westhope

      Everything else was correct.
      Too much of this Irish Ginness, during the BikeFest trip.

    • FunCycle -

      I will get it out maybe Wednesday, doctor appt. tomorrow is not affiliated with Polaris Industries the makers of Polaris Slingshot in any way.