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  • av8ingtom -

    No. I do not sign up for any of the group rides. We do our own rides everyday. Believe me you will have a blast with our crew. We stop for lunch and plenty of sight seeing and photos.

  • DarkSquid -

    Maggie Valley - Do you sign up for any of the rides?

  • A-Team SS -

    Thanks for the invite. I am busy tomorrow though. I have to spend some time with the wife. I have been busy with my DJ Business the last 8 weeks and no time with her. I should be free next weekend.

    • av8ingtom -

      We are thinking about a trip to a Vineyard near Clarksville, Va next weekend. We will stay in touch when plan is finalized .

      Maggie Valley next year May 26 thru June 3 is a must do trip. Slingshot in the Smokies 2018.

  • av8ingtom -

    Thank you Bubblehead.

  • Bubblehead -

    Happy Birthday Buddy....

  • DarkSquid -

    Was a pleasure to meet you !!!

    • av8ingtom -

      Pleasure meeting you also. We all need to go for a ride soon.

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