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  • Aceman -

    Hey DKF! How can I get in touch with the DFW peeps? Thanks!

  • Bill Martin -

    Hey Doll - we are gonna be in Houston all weekend long! Let me know if work permits a weekend ride.

  • airoutlaw -

    At your convenience, please share the info with us of the photographer riding the Harley sporting the chrome dome. He worked hard that day. And thanks in advance.

  • bookmd -

    what quadrant you at in TX? Close to the ArkLaTex??

  • DKF Texas -

    Hey I was a member long before a mod!!!

  • lrobbi -

    Loving this - good to see you DKF Texas

  • DKF Texas -

    What up baby!!!

  • TheRock -

    Woot woot! Heya @DKF Texas !!!

    • DKF Texas -

      I am figuring out where things are still....Woohoo!!!

  • DKF Texas -

    There's my guys!!!!

  • kenny_h -


    • DKF Texas -

      You guys have been busy!!!

  • Canoehead -

    Are you a spy? lol is not affiliated with Polaris Industries the makers of Polaris Slingshot in any way.