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  • Miller Time -

    Thanks for the info. Another question: What color spring do you have in your wastegate? If you do not know, what PSI are you running? As a matter of info, RED spring is 5.6 psi and the Natural plus RED is 6.9 psi.

  • Miller Time -

    Jluna317: A few questions. Just curious, how long did you drive your SS with your Alpha turbo manifold ECM flash before you actually got your manifold? Did you encounter any issues with the flash before you got your manifold? Finally, any issues with the flash with your turbo manifold after you installed it? Thanks

  • E-dub -

    Help..Did you mount 8 in speaker in front pods, if so which pods did you use. I'm very interested

    • jluna317 -

      no mounted 8 Inch in the doors of the storage compartment. used 5.25 in the front stock pods they were polk audio i believe

  • gpcustoms -

    Hey young Jedi, Where on earth did you find the carbon coil cover? Very nice touch!!

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