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  • OrangeCrush -

    Looks like an awesome ride following right behind you Great photos ! Leaving Virginia on Wednesday heading that way. I would love to catch up with other riders.

    • KayTwo -

      What is your route?

    • OrangeCrush -

      Virginia on 60 through WV and Kentucky. Heading north to Sioux Falls not sure route yet. Then 90 West.

    • KayTwo -

      I don't know of anyone on those routes or close, but check the map and maybe put out a public query. Wednesday I'll be in and around Indianapolis, and then headed back to SC on Thursday.

  • OrangeCrush -

    Sounds like an awesome trip Maybe we can catch up as you return Can’t leave Virginia until August 1 Safe travels

    • KayTwo -

      Thanks, and have fun on your trip as well!

  • Haste Maker -

    I saw the front fenders you posted about your new fenders, how do I contract the man that made them? Thanks Tommy

    • KayTwo -

      Hit up @stickerdick

  • D.W.Slusher -

    You the man. Those worked out perfectly and I have them saved to my PC now.

    • KayTwo -

      Glad to be of service.

  • FunCycle -

    I just ordered one $42.58

  • gpjames -

    I hear you may be using some sort of heat pad for seats. If you do I'd like to ask a couple questions

    • KayTwo -

      Sure, what's your question? I saw the discussion on the thread, I'll go on my amazon history tomorrow and find the ones I ordered. Love 'em.

  • Lorge -

    Hope to see you around soon you will enjoy this area and great roads to ride on.

    • KayTwo -

      Thanks, we're really looking forward to the move! We'll definitely be in touch once we get down there.

  • Bill Martin -

    Have you guys ever had Louisiana boudin before?? If not Imma gonna blow your socks off!! Lol

  • DarkSquid -

    Hey, I'm one of the newbee's and for the life of me I cannot find the address for saturday. Could you pass me the page number or text me address 757-469-4511. Thanks

  • ConnMan -

    Well, I'll try it again!! Sent a long email to you, and it vanished!! Let's try this wall thing. Here's my cell #, text me if you get this!!
    860-922-7113 cell

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