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  • Bill Martin -

    Glad to have you on the forum. I been the sole lawyer forever. Many LEO ion here but to my knowledge you are the first judge. Look forward to meeting you and us cutting up on the forum

  • SlingLow -

    Hello Mick, Doug here, also SlingLow on the other forum. I assume you're the same Mick and hope your daughter is doing well and that you had a good holiday season. It seems like I read something about your family being gathered around. I think you'll enjoy the information and humor available here on this forum. Cheers!

    • Mick -

      Thanks for the welcome. Sorry to take so long answering but I am just navigating through the site and found it. Same Mick. Daughter is on home dialysis and actually went back to her principal's job at a local special needs school 2 weeks ago. Holiday was especially rewarding since all the kids and grandkids (and wife of course) were able to gather together. I appreciate your asking.. I look forward to finding the time to read and respond here. Slingshot people are for the most part good people. Kind regards to you and yours, Mick..

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