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  • DuaneIndy -

    I am Duane Indy, the grey haired wonder

  • Trooper -

    I was reading on the floor mat posts and noticed your radio. Could you give me some details about? I like how your setup is, and still have the cubby for storage. Not sure my little shark radio is doing the job. Very nice looking SS also.

    • MiM -

      Thanks! I'll send you a PM...

  • scootertrash -

    Sent you a email thru this site...I think

    • MiM -

      Got it and replied back! Thanks!

  • Onegear -

    Can you send a full picture of your profile picture? Interested in the green

    • MiM -

      Sent you pictures through the conversation feature...

  • kansling -

    I noticed your seats in your recent posts. What brand are they? And your ride is beautiful, too. Thanks. Kirk

  • Bill Martin -

    Sounds like a plan. I will be in Spring tomorrow afternoon so just let me know when you can get away

  • Bill Martin -

    Left ya message on dark side also.we are probable gonna do a small ride on Sat & big one on Sunday. Love to have ya join us!! My number is 337-496-8916. Leave a message and I will call ya back with details.

    • MiM -

      Cool! Have things with the family, but if I can get some time, will definitely meet up. Can I text ya?

  • Thomas Sleight -

    I have scrap aluminum pieces out in my shop. send me your address and I'll send you a couple of sheets large enough to cut them out or send me your cardboard and I'll cut it for you. You will get a hell of a lot more satisfaction out of something you built over something you bought.

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