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  • RedSS -

    Good afternoon Slingshot Garage do you still have any Glove Box Warning Emblem I would like to buy one

  • Bu11sh1t -

    My phone # 219-363-8281

    • Slingshot Garage -

      You need to talk to me?
      What's the best time to phone?

  • Uglyrider954 -

    I love my new emblems!! So cool. I'm going to give you an official shout out on the Forum and Facebook feed as well thank you so much for the extra glove box emblem that's hilarious LOL

  • philip_mustang -

    Just received the emblems!! Looks great!!
    Thank you very much :)

    • Slingshot Garage -

      Wow that didn't take long. Your very welcome!

  • Javarow -

    Mark it was great meeting your lovely wife and son today.
    Product is outstanding and I'm looking forward to installing them this weekend.

    Pleasure dealing with you .
    Looking forward also to getting those emblems done once I get the art work to you. ( soon I hope )

    PS : the glovebox badge is a hit with my wife she loves it!! Happy Wife Long Life!!

  • shortremover -

    Thank You Sir!
    Definitely appreciate your speedy service.

  • shortremover -

    Greg Hartman
    10681 Hartman Rd
    Kingston Oklahoma 73439

  • KYJoe57 -

    Are you still doing the sling Lenz, I am interested in the ones with the red stripes. If you are still producing them, pm me the $, and I will send it PayPal. Thanks. @KYJoe57.

  • E-dub -

    Does custom emblems come with adhesive backing, looking for emblem for tail wing?

  • Copatlarge -

    I'd like more info on the plate for glovebox too please!

  • Live-a-Little! -

    Slingshot Garage - several members suggested I connect with you. I am looking for a customized plate for the area above the glove box. Is this something you make and etch? If so, could you let me know how to order, options, etc?


  • SlingJockey -

    Love your thread! Keep it going!

  • Travis -

    Have any fun today? A busy weekend ahead I'm sure. Hope the weather is good. Weather is crazy down here in CO. Moisture is good though.

    • Slingshot Garage -

      Nah it was a rainy crappy day didn't get a damn thing done around the park. Did a few laser jobs tho one of which was for tripods daughter. Shhhhh lol . As long as it's nice next Friday for a week so we can go to Wisconsin. Are you along the way?

    • Slingshot Garage -

      We're going thru Montana and north Dakota Mish,Wisconsin.

    • Travis -

      Use to be 20 miles from WI IL boarder. That's where my folks still live. They have 400 acres there. Raised pork and grew corn for 40 years. Rent the land out now. I'm a good ways south of Montana in CO. Back in 94 a couple guys from work and l went that way when we went to northern Albert bear/moose hunting.
      Wheat her should be great for your trip. is not affiliated with Polaris Industries the makers of Polaris Slingshot in any way.