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I am scheduling a server migration and upgrade for Tuesday Nov 13th at Approximately 4:00AM CST. The site will be down for several hours while the data and database are copied to our new dedicated private server.

  • SaltyClownNY -

    Happy Birthday

  • SoCalSSConnect -

    Hahn Racecraft- I've ordered shocks around the 6th of April, Still haven't gotten anything they are now not answering emails and phone calls, But have my 1,300 plus dollars. STAY AWAY FROM THEM!!!

  • ac32cl -

    Hey Bill, I sent you an email yesterday directly through this forum. Not sure if you got it?

  • FunCycle -

    Any idea when you will have the Street Race Manifold to order?

  • lowlander -

    Please call me. 902-664-7202

  • slingbush -

    Bill I recently got my coil overs but have not installed them yet. What are recommended settings for both knobs around town and for driving on curvy roads in the mountains? Also, do I have to take the weight off of the wheel when adjusting for ride height, I had the bearings added to the adjustment? Do you know the torque value on the bolts that attached the front and rear?

    Thank you for your help and I can't wait to get them installed.

    • Bill from Hahn RaceCraft -

      Gosh, I just noticed this on the wall here...must have overlooked the notification. Do you still need some counsel on these?


    Interested in carrying your shocks in my shop, 302-494-3125 Ron

  • Live-a-Little! -

    Bill - I am interested in the turbo offer but have some questions. Can I call you tomorrow to discuss?

    • Bill from Hahn RaceCraft -

      Sure! Best is if I call you, as I will be out and about. What's the best time and number to call?

  • pswarren -

    Bill, My wife (Martha) & I were at Slingfest last year. You might remember we
    arrived in the RV(without slingshot).
    I have ordered a set of shocks to be installed at MV. I will arriving early Tuesday
    morning. Let know when you want to install these and I'll be there. Thanks..

    • Bill from Hahn RaceCraft -

      Hey, thanks very much! Would you like to be our 10AM appointment Tuesday morning?

  • Bill from Hahn RaceCraft -

    Please give our love to your lovely Angie as well :D

  • Bill from Hahn RaceCraft -

    We are doing very well! Looking forward to the Maggie Valley thing and seeing you good folks too. Gonna be a great time.

  • Bill Martin -

    Hey Buddy - how are you and especially your lovely bride? All is good here - looking forward to seeing you both in Maggie Valley is not affiliated with Polaris Industries the makers of Polaris Slingshot in any way.