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  • WOLF -

    Please don't feel slighted by my "friend request" denial. I did it once, saw no point in it and ended that one. I just don't like the number telling me how many are online, and I couldn't get rid of it. Also, I really don't need to know which thread anyone is looking at, at any given time.

  • Fritz329th -

    Jim, I am still going to Maggie Valley but do to my back I will not be following you guys down. I need to stop about every 2 hour to give it a break. I still want the t-shirts. Great Planning on your part. If you need a contact No. it is 765-499-2885.

    • SlingRider -

      Understood. If you start with us you are in!!

  • KYJoe57 -

    Jim, my contact number is 502 387 7745. Kevin, aka slung low, also has my info. Please pass it along to painter as well. Thanks. Joseph Theriot, KYjoe57.

  • EjFord -

    Jim lets wear T-Shirts on 6 Aug and send a pics to

  • EjFord -

    Jim was just thinking about getting some Indiana Slingshots together for
    lunch some Sat or Sun/ Was thinking about Sportsman Inn on the river and US421 in Monticello. Nice 1/2 way location between Northern Indiana and Indy. Any thoughts --- dates... Good food - reasonable prices, Georgia and I sometimes meet Indy friends there for lunch.

  • EjFord -

    Jim, BlackDeath (Aaron) cell # 774-277-9188 we are sharing a room in
    Maggie Valley. is not affiliated with Polaris Industries the makers of Polaris Slingshot in any way.