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  • BlackDeath -

    Hey Painter, figured I would message you on here. Did you happen to get my double nut cover painted yet?

  • StickerDick -

    nevermind... i found it, sorry

  • StickerDick -

    Painter... I seem to not have saved your address, I have something I need tosend to you next week for Danna, please get me your addressagain. Thanks, Mark

  • Painter -

    Shopline (JBP). 5931

  • LargeCar -

    Searched and did not find. Anybody have the black pearl paint code? Thanks. LC

  • The Rush -

    Still own you dinner or drinks one night for all the advise and help with the question.. We have to hook up one day at SSITS that week!!! Thanks!!!

    • Painter -

      Just look me up when you are there. Just ask around and you will find me. No need for buying dinner as it will be a pleasure just to meet !

  • SaltyClownNY -

    Hey, I may have a project for you for valve cover... not sure I want to do it myself. Can you shoot me an email so I can send you some details? saltyclown@ gmail dot com. Thanks!

  • Painter -

    Not seen it yet.... sorry

  • Painter -

    “Dragon Green”??? Is that even a Sling color.

  • XSENOX -

    Good afternoon. Would you by any chance have the color code for the “Dragon Green” color? Thank you

  • Painter -

    I'll do it today

  • MISTERZ06 -

    Painter could you send carol & i the PPG formula for Titanium Grey thanks in advance
    ..................... tom n carol

  • Painter -

    I'll email tomorrow

  • Painter -

    Give me your emai address and I'll take a better picture and send to you tomorrow

  • Painter -

    Posted it on the thread

    • vmaxtom -

      Sorry painter, i cant read the code. Can you please email me? Or call 702-752-7741

  • vmaxtom -

    Is this painter? I'm looking for the PPG code for 2016 grey paint

  • Painter -

    Sent you a PM.

    • vmaxtom -

      Do know the paint code for base grey? I read you have the PPG code? I appreciate it ride safe thanks tom

  • BigLills -

    So would it be easier to paint the tubes and SC parts (air intake, etc...) BEFORE I have a SC installed? She's thinking hot pink, Painter. It's not as bad as it sounds... :)

  • Painter -

    Very welcome!!!

  • Joshua Wesley Moore -

    Jim, I installed the valve cover you did for Paul Erler, Thank you for the amazing work you did sir!

  • Painter -

    Had my sling apart for 3 months to paint it a bit and no time at all to even do that.... !!!! This "retirement thing is making me an old man quick! On the Forum when I can but usually just to read and like.

    Is your family back home from Germany?

  • Cape Sling -

    Jim, how are you doing? Did I offend you in any way? What is going on and you can be honest as you always have. Steve

  • Travis -

    LMAO Sure looks that way since it is dated 9/30/16

  • Travis -

    No not at this time. Thanks for the offer!! Your the best!!!!

    • Painter -

      ?????? Are you answering a question from last year???!!!!

  • Painter -

    5187 Pony Road
    Terre Haute, Indiana. 47802

    Do you want a custom one done? My treat!

  • mytoy -

    Hi I just would like to donate a valve cover for your next project. No Strings attached just give me your address and I'll ship it (has 1500 miles on it_

  • harleyujoe -

    Hello Painter.. Trying to get paint for Base SS I have a Paper that has a code B,49ST,T.Metal ??? Trying to find code and dealer could not tell me.
    It is Dark Titanium Metallic almost ( metal flake look ). Going to order quart and will I need to order reducer to paint this and activator ??
    Thanks Joe in NJ

  • Painter -

    Chrome paint won't work on the mirrors. The base surface must be completely smooth and is painted gloss black, buffed to a mirror shine and the the chrome is applied and cleared with a special clear.

    Damn it.... Doing something on yours would make me feel good!

  • Bill Martin -

    You got me thinkin bro!! Do you think you can paint the rear view mirrors chrome and would they look good on my Sling. The guy that painted my Sling is talented like you but afraid of the chrome paint. What do you think??

  • Painter -

    If I had one! Got a Orange Sling shirt from SlingRider and that will have to do. Too late to order one and be sure it gets here in time???? is not affiliated with Polaris Industries the makers of Polaris Slingshot in any way.