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I am scheduling a server migration and upgrade for Tuesday Nov 13th at Approximately 4:00AM CST. The site will be down for several hours while the data and database are copied to our new dedicated private server.

  • larry -

    Allison is rab ok ...? Haven't seen him post lately...?

  • allison -

    Yes I am, just not the last few weeks. LOL. He's been taking every breathing moment working on this sight. He is so proud of it, as I am proud of him. I don't think people realize how much time is involved. He's only been sleeping a few hours a night. But I can say, he does it for the people on here like you that support him. He is very passionate about this and has given 110%. I cannot thank everyone enough for the support and donations to help with his expense. I look for ward to seeing y'all in Maggie Valley and just keeping cheering RAB on!!!!!

  • Bill Martin -

    You have got to be Roberts bride. I met him in Eureka Springs and that is one fine fella ya got there. Sure looking forward to me and my bride meetin ya in Maggie Valley!! is not affiliated with Polaris Industries the makers of Polaris Slingshot in any way.