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I am scheduling a server migration and upgrade for Tuesday Nov 13th at Approximately 4:00AM CST. The site will be down for several hours while the data and database are copied to our new dedicated private server.

  • tguy543 -

    Heh there. Thought I was the only one in Deltona with a registered SS. Haven't seen you around at all. Drive mine to work every day. Drop me a line.

    • 17 Polaris SLR -

      Will do, I got mine in Dec, the first to be exact, in Kentucky, had to leave it there as the weather was only good for a couple of days (I drove the s*&t out of it those couple of days) and then had to get back down here. I am going back in April (warmer weather) have some work on my place up there, putting alarm, removable wheel, and a couple of other things on the SS then it's off to MV for the meet, I plan on having my SS down here in mid June or the end of June.

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