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  • LargeCar -

    Look to be up there in july-august time frame. Get ready for some riding!

    • BryanL -

      Sounds good! Doug and I are planning to go to Sundre the last weekend of July for their Slingfest. You should join us. It's a 15 hour ride each way and should be fun.

  • BONES -

    Oh man! I actually got hold of one yesterday, but never posted due to being flustered after messing up my Sling.. Put it on forum I'm sure it will get sucked up. If not I'll take it since I don't want you getting screwed. Much appreciated Buddy.


    • BryanL -

      Not a problem. You're right about others wanting them.

    • BONES -

      Bryan very much appreciated, wish I knew you were going to check out store , I would of saved a trip!! :)
      Again, thanks for trying to hook up brother out....I take blame for not mentioning I got one..Sling Looks good, take care-ride safe-J is not affiliated with Polaris Industries the makers of Polaris Slingshot in any way.