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  • Duey -

    Hay saltyclownny talked to you about a air box at Maggie valley

  • SaltyClownNY -

    Stopping in at dealer in Baltimore MD on Friday to look at slingshade.

  • SaltyClownNY -

    I'll be down in Maryland passing threw PA for the holidays in 2017. Wife and I are planning on making the 16 hour trip down to NC at Maggie Valley and should be finalizing that by year end.

  • Gadgeteer -

    Odd. For some reason, thia is the first I've seen of your message. Sorry its so late.

    Not much. Well, plenty, but writing about it takes me too long, so I usually just summarize it with, "Not much." :)

  • SaltyClownNY -

    Yo... sup? is not affiliated with Polaris Industries the makers of Polaris Slingshot in any way.