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  • Roughrider -

    May we give you answer concerning the luggage rack this Friday (23 Mar.)?
    Feel free to email me @ Thank you!

    • SlingLow -


  • Robbie "T" -

    Hi everyone, it's been awhile since i've been on the forum. Has anyone purchased the polaris protection plan? is there another alternative than this plan?

  • Roughrider -

    Will your storage rack work with a MadStad Stinger Roof? Thanks

    • SlingLow -

      Hey @roughrider. I got another request from someone with the Madstad Stinger and we talked about shortening the inside mounting arms to mount them to the Madstad roof bracket, in which holes would need to be drilled. I'm looking into it now and will report back if we can make it work.

  • lowlander -

    I am late noticing your post about luggage racks. Today I was starting to fab my own, then thought I should check the forum. What $$ for a 2016 set? To 33540.

    • Robbie "T" -

      Hey man, are still interested in luggage racks?

    • lowlander -

      No, not anymore. I bought roll hoop bags from a vendor here instead. Thanks for checking tho!!

  • UK_Paul -

    Hi from Britain!

    I am now a very proud owner of a beautiful red, rear protection plate.
    It looks great quality and is even better, in the flesh, than in the pictures.


  • LargeCar -

    Hey Doug, Glenn here. Are you still doing the rear armor plates for the sling? How are you cutting the aluminium? Are you powder coating it? Did not know you were such a talented guy. Send some pics or links. 405 249 8742


  • Lui -

    If I don't like the SC, I will consider it......hmmmmmm....nOt! LoL

  • BatPower -

    I was wondering if your still taking orders for 2016. Thanks

  • UK_Paul -

    Hi from Bitain
    Would you be interested in supplying one of you lovely looking rear aluminium plates to the UK?

    If you would like to help, then please let me know what price you would need - Don't forget to include your shipping costs -
    If you can do something (in RED) I'd be very pleased, if you can let me know.

  • Dthemenice -

    Slinglow do you still have any of the aluminum plate for the back of the sling?

  • lawdogpup -

    Slinglow is there still a chance to get a Red rear armor???

  • jdriver -

    Hi Doug,
    This is long overdue. I wanted to thank you for the monogrammed cold/hot cup. That was extremely thoughtful. I had not seen Phil in a while and he gave it to me a few weeks ago when we went out for a ride around the countryside. I hope you are enjoying your new Sling.

  • flipr -

    some shipping info, USPS box #1097, at this link.…-mail-box---1097-P_O_1097

    these are big enough I think if you leave the box flat, and tape over the ends of the box before popping into assembled size. Keep them flat and its long enough. Boxes are free, and I quoted from WI to FL, for 2#, and rate is $10.55 via priority mail. Ups and FEdex have legal size envelopes, or tyvek envelopes. Legal size are only 15" long. good luck

  • BryanL -

    You went past us

  • jdriver -

    Phil and I were there a couple of weeks too early. It must be getting dark there right now as I type. I hope you and Sarah are enjoying the new ride. Dean

    • SlingLow -

      Aloha Dean! I was out on the river on my buddy's boat for the eclipse. Not that big a deal. I didn't have glasses to watch it so it was just a darkening of the sky. It was more interesting fixing the hydraulic steering line that broke (after the fan belt came off) so we could get back home - and not crash!

      We are happy to be back in the saddle. I'll knock out my break-in oil change later today, then it will be more entertaining. Doug

  • jdriver -

    Hi Doug, I just wanted to thank you and Sarah for the great meals and your hospitality. I hope our paths cross again in the future and I am pleased to have you two as my friends. Dean

    • SlingLow -

      Thanks Dean, that means a lot. We both really enjoyed your company. Best of luck to you and yours! Doug

  • dudley4 -

    I'm in Portland and might be in for a new project let me know. Thanks, Dave.

    • SlingLow -

      Hello Dave. I just put together to replace my Sling and send my wrecked one to a forum member helping me with the deal and likely doing the transport. I'll get back to you if something changes but it looks pretty solid right now. Do you have one you're riding now? Seems like I've seen you on the maps. If so, we'll have to get a ride in someday soon. Thanks, Doug

  • SlingLow -

    Hello Troy. I'm trying hard to get out the door for a day on my tractor but can call you later tonight or tomorrow am (I'm Pacific time). I am already talking with Phil/mniron who said he'd give you and Henry a call so everyone is on the same page. I'm looking forward to talking with you and have an excellent day. Doug

  • troy @ alpha -

    hey my name is troy. i work at alpha powersport henry "turbosling" told me about your sling. I'm very interested. please call me when you have a chance i'd like more info. my cell is 952-240-4691 or call the shop at 715-600-2024 is not affiliated with Polaris Industries the makers of Polaris Slingshot in any way.