My Official Greeting!

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    • Aceman wrote:

      Goats_Hogs wrote:

      Welcome to the best Slingshot forum on the net! And to add to what @airoutlaw said above, to get to that one position beyond start, you must push the key in farther before it will go into accessory mode.
      Thanks a lot for this! I tried turning it and it didn't go anywhere..
      Turn it to the "on" position then push it in and turn it further into the accessory position. The battery is small so you still can listen to the radio all day but it will last a ehile.

      Tim "Ghost" Ganey
      Winfield, Alabama
    • Congratulations on your latest toy Aceman and welcome to the forum! Lots of great information in the first few posts and you will find even more as you browse the forum! There will be so many quick to answer your questions if you're willing to learn a bit and love this crazy thing called "Sling life"! Keep three wheels down and enjoy the ride! You might want to check out the Halos Reimagined thread, SlingLow's rear cover and racks just to continue the addiction on mods LOL
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