Free body panels in Maggie Valley*

    • Free body panels in Maggie Valley*


      Trying to pay it forward knowing that there are a lot of slingshot owners who would love to have a custom look, but for one reason or another have decided to keep their body in the stock colors from the factory. Here is what I'm proposing. I have one of the original 2015 SL Red models that I wanted to stand out from the rest, so I purchased the AMR Attack graphics kit and had it professionally installed a couple of years ago. (Picture of this made Ross's 2018 calendar for the month of February - thanks Ross). I am going to change the look and have it painted. To do so requires me to obviously remove all the graphics first. Rather than do that and destroy the vinyl graphics, I'm willing to donate them to someone who would appreciate having them. All I ask that we get together one morning, afternoon or evening in Maggie Valley, line up both slingshots side by side and swap my panels for yours. It doesn't matter what color yours are as they are going to be sanded and painted anyway.

      Due to lingering health issues, I'm not going to be too helpful in doing the panel removals, but I'll do what i can. I'm sure there are forum members who have removed these panels before and are willing to lend a hand for a tank of gas and a few beers (I hope). So if this sounds interesting to you, contact me via PM and I can provide additional details and pictures if needed. I will contact you in the order in which the PM's come in to be fair to everyone.

      To be up front with everyone, the modified center hood panel (fake fuel injector stacks will NOT be included in the deal and we will swap yours over. Or if you want, I will toss in a used J-Mod clear panel as long as you request it so i can bring it with me on the trip

      So, anyone interested?

      If your carpet has to match the drapes,
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