rear fender

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    • EjFord wrote:

      amoede wrote:

      Well I went ahead and order this because I liked the looks and definitely the price. Got it in today and went to test fit it and install it.

      Doesn't fit my SS.

      I have the Welter Dual rear exhaust and the fender is to wide. Instead of returning it I tried to trim the folded edges and modify it the best I could, but it won't fit without severe modifications which will then almost render it useless and not look right with the exhaust. Oh well.

      I have to say it is a really nice rear fender and built well. Just didn't work for me with the exhaust.

      Looks like I will have to suck it up and pay big $$$$$ for one.
      Be careful … with the exhaust you have will any of the rear fenders fit.... Do a little research before spending the $$$. I have a Asult Fender from , pricey but works for me and keeps the 'rooster tail' water to a minimum.
      Does anyone know if the rear fender from Polaris (the one on the new Grand Touring) with fit with the Welter Dual? I looks like it will, but I don't want to make a $700 mistake.
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