Club Slingshot?

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      SlingRider wrote:

      @Ghost Ej is, as always, correct that GWRRA was/is not a Honda Corp thing. My point is Honda has done a lot over the years, at least from my past experience, in helping promote and support chapters.

      My overall point is proven in the fact that GWRRA grew out of owners not Corp trying to make something happen.

      I applaud Polaris in trying to get this off the ground. I disagree with tying it to dealers, but if it takes off they will drop that. IMHO
      Jim just once in a while right....I was a member of GWRRA for some time before I became aware of the 'ownership'.

      I'm glad that we thru this 'internet' we as Slingshot owners/riders have been able to get together...In Indiana we have had lots of gatherings and good times.
      Ej Ford
      Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation is not affiliated with Polaris Industries the makers of Polaris Slingshot in any way.