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    • this isnt my picture, but it is right now, today. this is a screen shot of the Tram web cam at the top of the mountain in my OP .my house is some place just off the end of the runway for the airport to the left of the tip of the pine tree its almost exactly 30 degrees colder up there ar the moment

      follow this link and you can watch people live at the top on the Long Valley Web Cam
      Cage Free - 2016 Pearl Red SL
      JRI GT coil overs, DDMWorks short shifter
      Twist Dynamics Sway Bar with DDMWorks mounts
    • This was my day - took the grocery getter across the river to the building supply warehouse, then to the grocery store for Louisiana Hot Sauce for hot legs, and more jalapenos for Tripods jalapeno poppers for about the tenth time. @Tripod, I know you said they're addictive but I want to let you know, I can quit ANYTIME I WANT!

      It's a hybrid - it burns gas AND rubber!
    • this is my picture for today. Ordered the new tire last Friday and it was delivered at 4pm today and installed by 4:30
      Cage Free - 2016 Pearl Red SL
      JRI GT coil overs, DDMWorks short shifter
      Twist Dynamics Sway Bar with DDMWorks mounts

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    • and this is my last pic for today, you have seen my house and the clouds, you have seen my SL sitting in the garage, you have seen the peanut brittle, but my day would not be complete without Bolt - so here it is a cell snap as he stares at the ball in my left hand
      Cage Free - 2016 Pearl Red SL
      JRI GT coil overs, DDMWorks short shifter
      Twist Dynamics Sway Bar with DDMWorks mounts
    • Wow, you almost had me wondering if you were Ed, aka zorro from TDS... He's from California, had a dog named Bolt, his backyard looked very similar to yours, and of course, his name was Edward too... I bought my Sling from him used, almost 2 years ago...

      But no, his dog was a different breed, don't believe he had a wife, and his home was in another part of California... Can't recall the name of the area, would have to go back and look at posts.

      Okay, too much thinking out loud... X/

    • The 77th annual Daytona Bike Week started last Friday. Polaris hosted a party today in Ponce Inlet at the North Turn Restaurant. As soon as we arrived, we signed in and received a couple of nice items as we were escorted to our private section on the deck overlooking the Daytona beach. Complimentary food and non alcoholic drinks were provided. The food was excellent (buffalo wings, chicken tenders, scallops wrapped in bacon and peel and eat shrimp cooked with old bay seasoning. What a way to start the day! They then gave us a brief hint of what was to come within the Slingshot world. While they were non-committal on date or details, they did confirm that an automatic transmission will indeed be in the Slingshot line-up. They would not however confirm the power plant of the future or the appearance of a turbocharger. One thing that they are coming out with that has been missing since day one, is a Club Slingshot. I'm guessing it will be similar to the HOG group for Harley owners. They said that they want to be involved at the local levels to improve the group environment and enjoyment. Keep an eye out for what could be a great group to be a part of.

      They also had a showcase and awarded prizes in the following categories:
      Best Sound
      Best Lighting
      Best Style
      Most Unique

      There were some nice appearing, sounding and visually appealing entries. I never thought to enter, but I guess by showing up in a Slingshot, you automatically were in the game.

      As shocking as it sounds to you all, it was more shocking to me to be awarded the Best Stlye Slingshot of the group. I had the chance to speak in detail with Alex Vega and he was impressed with a few of the items I had and was one of the votes to award me a Polaris gift certificate to purchase clothing or accessories as well as a winning certificate that will be framed and hung in my office for a long time.

      Thank you to Josh, Joey, Alex - heck the entire group organized by Polaris and thank you as well for the award. We'll see some of you in Maggie valley where I can guarantee that i won't win anything.

      If your carpet has to match the drapes,
      shouldn't your trailer match your Slingshot? is not affiliated with Polaris Industries the makers of Polaris Slingshot in any way.