Hidden gps unit

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    • It’s not just phone calls ( They have EVERY word you said, nothing is private) ....it’s every form of electronic information transfer....every bank deposit and withdrawal, credit and debit card usage (they know everything you buy, where and when) tv channels you watch, emails and texts sent and received, fit bit info, vehicle movement, computer, iPads, keystrokes...smart meters tell them how much electric you use, think electronic water meters and gas meters....(can all be turned off remotely)

      Now understand all this personal info has been collected and stored on giant computers...and you are being categorized.

      If they go totally cashless...and we’re only about 3 percent cash based now.....they will control everything you buy and when....if you fall into the wrong category your buying power can be terminated....meaning you can NOT buy food or gasoline, pay any bills...etc

      So then what will you do? This is getting out of control real fast. Amazon is testing cashless grocery stores right now. So when they get big and powerful enough...they will decide if you get groceries today or ever... WAKE UP .....it’s not tin foil anymore.

      If you don’t want them to know every little thing about you and your family...go back to writing letters, use cash for everything....and live in a cave without any modern conveniences...
    • Whomever controls access to food and water controls everything....

      It could happen at anytime....

      If the world decides to go cashless.....everyone is screwed....it will mean someone else will be controlling every aspect of our lives...

      Let that sink in...
    • Bigdog wrote:

      Do our SS have a hidden gps tracker somewhere?
      Don't trust what people tell you

      The only way you will ever really know is if you disassemble your Slingshot and look for yourself

      And be sure to open the radio and all other components - these tracking devices can be very small so open everything

      Oh - and please post pictures
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    • Bigdog wrote:

      If you have the latest and greatest ....things you can talk to in your house....(Alexa play music) ....they are listening to everything you do....your iPad can hear you, your laptop can hear you...your cell phone can hear you...your smart refrigerator can hear you, your smart tv can hear you and see you....your talk to tv remote can hear you...Siri how much is two plus two...

      See this dot (.) they have a camera this small or smaller imbedded in your smart tv screen and it’s aimed at you.....Samsung already admitted it....keep your clothes on ....and it can probably do it even if it’s off....

      if you paid attention during the super bowl they showed a happy family sitting on the couch......that video was taken with their smart TV set aiming at them...they showed you in plain site what they are capable of doing....rubbed your nose right in it...most people didn’t understand what they were talking about.

      All of your electronic things have government mandated “back doors”.... remember the government vs Microsoft 20 some years ago?

      1984 x 10,000 is already here... big brother is a giant out of control monster....
      I have an Amazon Echo, and I have samsung smart cams. my TV is dumb, but my iMac also has a camera. If anyone wants to watch and listen I really dont give a s#it. If they dont have something more important to be watching then we are all probably safe
      Cage Free - 2016 Pearl Red SL
      JRI GT coil overs, DDMWorks short shifter
      Twist Dynamics CF shift knob
    • I dont really worry about stocking supplies. I have 2 major supermarkets under 1/3 of a mile from my home. I figure if TSHTF we will grab our guns and go loot what we need.
      Cage Free - 2016 Pearl Red SL
      JRI GT coil overs, DDMWorks short shifter
      Twist Dynamics CF shift knob
    • Bigdog wrote:

      Whomever controls access to food and water controls everything....

      If you have let yourself become so "civiclized",dependent, and complacent that you never learned there is food and water most everywhere and how to find it you deserve to die reclined in your Lazyboy when the power goes out for good and you can't figure out how to get out of it ....

      .......... ninja-squared

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