Planning a road trip to Sundre, Canada

    • SlingLow wrote:

      It looks like the dates are July 27-29. I have a family reunion in Sunriver, OR from July 19-29 but will not attend all 10 days. I also have a good buddy that moved to Idaho Falls last year I'd like to go visit. So, if I can schedule it in and get my better half to go, I could meet you in Helena for the rest of the journey and the Slingfest. I'm guessing you would be in Helena on the 25th or 26th? I'll run this up the flagpole and see what she thinks. If I fly her up for the Slingfest, is Calgary the closest international airport? She may enjoy the road trip more if she only does it one way.

      @BryanL have you thought any more about making this trip?
      I'm still working on it. If you're going to Idaho Falls and Helena on the way north, I'll run up solo and we could ride back together.
    • KayTwo wrote:

      Anyone ever drive Route 240 through Badlands National Park?

      Went thru the Badlands on the way to Sturgis on the Harley I had at the time. Well worth the time to go thru for me. There are places you could hide from someone and still be 10 feet from them and they'd not see you. Amazing to look at, but at least take the time to walk back into some of the areas that are good for foot traffic. It wouldn't be far from the road. Was one of my favorite places out that way.
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