Exhaust issues AGAIN

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    • Exhaust issues AGAIN

      Hey Family! I’ve been going though several posts here and the other forum about all the issues with the Alpha Side exit exhaust setup.
      I am now on my second one, and NOT surprised, this one is now cracked on edges as well. I have one sitting in my storage and one still installed, I have been waiting to hear about Hahn’s new replacement that’s fills side hole and mounts better but still haven’t heard a release date or price.

      I have a few local shops I trust with welding and different exhaust work, I just want to try something different as we all know why these are breaking so easily.

      I have attached photos of both damaged parts and was wondering if someone can chime in on a few questions.

      Can I cut the muffler off right at the start of muffler, so not where muffler and header meet but where the pipe from connected to header meets the muffler chamber and just straight pipe out the side with no muffler at all? (Tried to draw example on pic #3)

      Should I repair and just add more mounts like Hahn has placed them on certain parts of frame not just engine bolt?

      Or should I just get a magnaflow exhaust welded in replacement of old cracked muffler and continue pipe from the side?

      I don’t want to lose side exit honestly, and my “should I” questions are really a “is it ok” or safe question.
      I don’t want to lose power or cause damage to motor. So any ideas on what’s the best bet on where to cut off the muffler from and replace with. I don’t care about sound, loud is fine with me.

      Pic 1 is what’s still on my SS
      Pic 2 is shit hanging from my hand lol that I might fix also
      Pic 3 is what my first intentions on what to try when I seen it broken again.

    • That looks good, but I’m guessing that’s not a fix, ur saying chop off damaged muffler and run pipes into this new one, and have dual pipes coming out of the side? I like that idea as I really was thinking I’m done with this alpha crap. Found it on eBay for 135 shipped.
    • Slingrazor wrote:

      This pipe would mount the same as the Alpha. The inlet and and outlet are in the same location. The problem with the Alpha exhaust was the Chinese crap metal used. The Magnaflow structure is a lot better.
      Most likely be a good idea to make some sort of hanger from the frame rather than a solid mount to the trans.

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