Rear tire

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    • BKL wrote:

      Bigdog wrote:

      My second Kenda rear tire is just about to the wear bars. It should be dead in another 1000 miles. That will be 2 in less than 13,000 miles. Ordered a nitto 555 G2 today.
      I got around 10K miles for each of my Kenda original and replacement rear tires and 35K miles from the fronts. If you're getting around 6.5K per tire fort he Kendas, I'd expect the 555 G2 to do about the same, maybe a little longer. I have around 7K miles on my 555G2 rear tire and hope to get at least 4K miles more out of it.

      I’ve got over 15,000 miles on my Hannook (?) 325X30X19. It provides little to no traction in first and second gears

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