Someone is going to get a great deal!

    • BryanL wrote:

      thanks @SlingLow. I thought I had the link up
      You do - it says span> and, of course, I missed it.

      BKL wrote:

      If I had the available funds, I'd even consider bidding on it. There's a potential for some great savings there.
      As a house flipper I look at the potential to buy low and sell high. Somehow, with the Slingshot community and a forum member, that just wouldn't feel right. He is taking a chance with the no reserve auction. I hope he gets his price!
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    • Don't get to excited yet guys or dismayed @jookyone there wont be any serious bidding for the next five days 15 hrs and 50 minutes for that matter because the serious buyers wont tip their hand on what they,re prepared to bid until the last 30- 10 seconds of the auction, its called sniping. with hot autos the first 6 days 23 hrs and 59 minutes of the auction really is just advertising that a one minute auction is about to begin , Been there , done that Too many times, according to the wife ! lol
    • Hey guys and gals, I appreciate the free word of mouth to my auction. I should have posted my many thanks here, as most of the OGs have made this forum their home. Apologies for the book, but it's a testament to how fondly I will remember this part of my life, and my need to express gratitude.

      TL;DR -- I like you guys. I'm sad to see it go. It's fast and reliable. I hope the next owner gets a great deal. I hope to get to drive it to your house :)

      The long version...
      Here's the picture I took in the winter of 2014 while at the Polaris dealer looking for a snowmobile part. I wish I had video of my wife shaking her head, when I took her to see it a few weeks later and let her know I had put down a deposit.

      In Colorado it had the performance of a Camry, but I didn't care, and we all figured out how to fix that. I was fortunate enough, even with a controversial turbo system, to have success building a high performing version of this wannabe race car, and make it feel like it looks. Maybe it was attention to detail, extensive testing, a week spent tuning with Bob in person, or possibly good ol' fashioned luck that granted me reliability, but I'll never regret the risk I took, and hopefully neither will it's next owner. There are a lot of great vendors out there, and I appreciate all of them for continuing to indulge that need for speed, and their quick-to-market invention of performance options, regardless of the end result. Like others who don't shy away from engine explosions, I would have tried anything to keep this go-kart-for-adults on the road. I applaud all of the gear heads who have not let their setbacks make them walk away from the Slingshot, but instead share their triumphs, tribulations, and expertise to the community in a positive way. A testament to the way this thing makes you feel like a kid again, and a desire from current owners to make that feeling live on for themselves as well as new drivers.

      Enough reminiscing... I don't need or want to sell this, but the temptation to drive it, constant expression of concern by loved ones, and recent interest in road tripping from my children reduced the time I spent driving it. It's time to let it go. I've logged over 110,000 miles across two Teslas in 19 months. I hope this isn't taken as boasting, I grew up very poor around alcoholics and drug addicts, and had every statistical reason to fail. It took a vehicle that acts like a spaceship to garner interest from my wife and kids to be on the road, and I am not wasting the chance to live that with them, even if it took me out of the driver's seat of my Slingshot. I was diagnosed with epilepsy 5 years ago, proving to be a heavy handed reality that also kept me from driving the Slingshot as of late. I'm fortunate enough to be able to move on to a vehicle that has autopilot and allows me to drive with confidence that I won't hurt myself or others. An investment in the electric future with safety in mind was a no-brainer. We all live once, so make the most of it. I'm living proof, that with a little luck, a good work ethic, some patience, and surrounding yourself with great people, you just might make experiences that surpass anything you could have dreamed. For me, a part of that dream landed in the driver's seat of a Slingshot and I will never forget the amazing impact it had on my life.

      After delaying my obligation to try selling every winter, with probably higher-than-market-value pricing for that time of year (to delay the inevitable), I've decided to give someone an opportunity to get a great deal, and hopefully feel the giddiness I had when I took my first ride. No regrets for whatever the final price ends up being. I hope the performance and reliability I've enjoyed continues for the next owner.

      If the winner ends up being a member of the forum, I will gladly drive it to your front door to hand over the keys. Hopefully the next owner will need to accept my offer for in-person delivery, and I'll enjoy one last road trip in this Slingshot, if not only to confirm the reliability that I'm standing behind.

      Thanks to everyone with whom I crossed paths, online or in person. I'll never forget it, and with luck, maybe we'll bump into each other someday.

      Daniel aka jookyone is not affiliated with Polaris Industries the makers of Polaris Slingshot in any way.