Slingshots in the Rockies 2018.

    • garyw wrote:

      Are the fires currently in Colorado expected to have any effect on the rally? @ivor, what happens if this event needs to be cancelled? How much notice can we expect?
      Currently there are 2 fires that are within 30-60 min of the area. The Bocco fire is the bigger of the two at 415 acres burned, this one is West of Avon. This fire is roughly 50% contained. The other is around Silverthorne which is East of Avon...this it she Buffalo Fire and is currently at 86 acres. There has been no new growth and is roughly 20% contained. My guess is both of these fires will be out by the time SSITR gets in to full swing. Air quality will be ok, just a little dustier and smokier than usual.

      The 416Fire and the Burro Fire are the big ones...and they are the big fires...those 2 combined are roughly 30K acres. Bad news is, they are not expecting to have 100% containment until July 15. The good news is, it's about 5.5 hours from Avon and should not impact the event. At this point, I'm praying for good weather and more moisture so the fire fighters can get through this all safely. I am also praying that people stop being idiots. only 11% of Forest fires in the nation are caused by Mother Nature. The rest is typically smokers, careless campers, and other man made situations.

      There were major fires last year and SSITR was still a big hit. I expect the same this year.
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