MeanSling interior liner kits - Feed back wanted.

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      Well, Mr @Ruptured Duck you must be some kind of importent sumbitch. Or you have some kind of klout
      Today here is Prezident day, the whole stinkin Fedral guvmint took the day off, but Mr. Mailman came to work to deliver MY personal floor mats. Juzt for me.

      What I be tryin to say is you got some grate service Mr Duck. Thanks much.

      I haven't been everywhere, but it's on my list. :!:
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      MiM wrote:

      Zorasmiles wrote: stitching?? Yikes...I may have to leave mine in the box to resell if that happens LOL That would be pretty awesome if it does happen!
      Watching... :saint:
      @MiM lol too funny. It wouldn't be much of a discount since they'd still be new and never out of the box--if I can resist the temptation not to check out the quality. Seeing that I'd be purchasing another'd be lucky to save $5 if I was in a good mood LOL See, these are a first run, first edition set..which means the value increases two folds :00008172:
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      My set arrived today and I've been circling the box for a couple of hours since I made it home! Oh, the temptation LOL It's raining outside which is really helping me to hold it together and not open this "limited edition first run" full set of MeanSling mats! After being caught in the rain briefly last night, I'm so happy these didn't arrive over the weekend because I may have given into temptation and installed them. Which could have depreciated the overall value of these amazing mats LOL Who cares about weather tech when you have so many members giving great feedback like MACAWS!
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      We have made some changes based off feedback from the first production run. To optimize the mats for better fitment to the 2017-2018 model SlingShots with 2nd Gen speaker pods we are tooling up for a new mat shape. Current design will work but we feel a better fitting mat is what our customers deserve.

      The new mat pattern should be ready to go on sell in the next 3 weeks. We will be adding all new part numbers to the website this week and will be happy to take pre-orders.

      The current inventory is still available and is optimized for 2015 - 2016.5 models with 1st Gen speaker pods as well as all 2015-Current models without speaker pods.

      I have tried to contact everyone that has placed an order to make sure they have no issues with installation. Please feel free to PM me if I have not contacted you regarding any 2017-current models with 2nd Gen speaker pods.

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      Installed mine yesterday. I could not remove the driver-side speaker pod or driver seat. The bolt on the speaker pod was stripped and the seats must have been installed with an impact wrench and loctite! But it worked out fine after I stretched for 10 minutes and got in there. Long story short...I love them! Great job RD! Just a tip for the tunnel mats: use some two-sided gorilla tape if you have an area that need a little adjustment. I still put my black carpet mat on top as well. is not affiliated with Polaris Industries the makers of Polaris Slingshot in any way.