Car cover waste of money

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    • So my cover ripped and I turned in a warranty claim. Company said no problem and sent a new one just like the one I paid for.

      The new cover (supposedly same model number) doesn’t fit it’s not wide enough or won’t touch the ground like the old one.

      Looking at them side by side there is a big difference. My old cover has extra panels sewn into it to make it wider.

      New cover (single seam)

      Old cover (double seam) for extra panel

      Closer look the extra panels together probably add about 16” total to the width.

      Old cover
      The extra panels made this cover fit really nice. The new. New cover will only go about halfway to the ground.

      So I sent these pictures to them. They are sending me the next size bigger cover. Who knows what that will bring.

      My new “NeverWet” cover is now turning into never mind. is not affiliated with Polaris Industries the makers of Polaris Slingshot in any way.