What was today's Sling project-Mods , goodies.....?

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    • What was today's Sling project-Mods , goodies.....?


      Shatneyman wrote:

      edwardaneal wrote:

      Todays mod :thumbsup:

      Received a wonderful gift in the mail today from our very own John Price AKA @pricejh61

      my very first gremlin bell - - :00008674:

      looks like a Templar cross :thumbup:

      And that it is...

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      Put a new rear tire on today. OEM had been plugged and even tho it only had 6300 mi as of today, decided to replace it with a Lexani-30 315-35-20 that I recently bought on sale. Have used this model tire satisfactorily before on the 16.5. The 35 vs 30 height does make for more comfortable ride.

      Oldchuck: we previously discussed whether the MPH shown on the Nav was GPS or simply readout of speedo. Looks to me like it is reflecting the speedo. Will have to remember to put the Garmin on find out what change in MPH the larger tire made.
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      Not something I did to my SS, but with it; I took a road trip over 4 days.

      Friday, Day 1: 525 miles, central California to Las Vegas. Across the Sierras via CA HWY 108 & the Sonora Pass (Elevation 9,624’ and 42°F), past Mono lake, then south & turned east to pass through Death Valley National Park (elevation 0’, and 98°F) on the way to Las Vegas

      Day 2 & 3: Sorry, but “What Happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas” (no photos I can share :D ). I can say it was a scream to cruise “The Strip” Saturday night, with all my LEDs and under-body lighting fitting right in!

      Monday, Day 4: The wife joined me for the 505 mile return home trip. This time via HWY 120 & the Tioga Pass through Yosemite National Park (Elevation 9,045’ and 50°F) note: it takes about 2 hours of reduced speed driving through great scenery to pass through Yosemite park :thumbsup:

      Overall it was a 1200+ mile trip that was a total blast. Saw lots of wild critters along the way: Wild Horses, Wild Burros, Coyote, and Deer. I was glad to be able to make an October trip before the snow closed the mountain passes. Avoiding Freeways and taking State Highways whenever possible, from cold to hot and back again, from sea level to almost 10K’ elevation, the SS performed like a champ (stock SL engine), pulling hard on all inclines and at every elevation. I especially loved dropping into 3rd and passing the slow-pokes!

      This is the kind of driving the Slingshot was made for!
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      ITZQUIK wrote:

      Unfortunately did not have time this trip, but will definitely look into it on the next trip
      if you do not know them they are a great group Ma Elena Smith runs the Face Book page and they are very active. here is a link - Nevada Slingshot Owners
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