What was today's Sling project-Mods , goodies.....?

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      Like @dangerdarrell, I didn't remove panel either... But didn't power drill either... Did the old school hand drill...

      With the panel in place (tape and mounting strips), basically just started with a screw to get the hole going, then kept expanding it incrementally with larger diameter bits until the push pin fit... Worked for me! :P
    • Radio Visor Update (and other stuff)


      Ok, I've been away for a while again, but I'm just about ready to "go public" with my radio visors. Before I can, I have a handful of "pre-production" units (minor flaws, but still worthy) that I'd like to sell off. Since you all (on this thread) have been so supportive, I figured I would offer them to you first. I'm going to list the production units for $35 (free shipping via USPS), so I'm offering a $5 discount on these pre-production units ($30, free shipping via USPS). The flaw is on the mounting tabs so once installed you will never see the mistake. Otherwise, these units are the exact same condition and quality as the production units.

      Here's the PayPal link if you would like to buy one (or more ;) ) - Click here to Buy Now via PayPal or Credit Card

      For now, the visors only fit the stock radio, but fear not, a "universal" version is in the works to fit aftermarket systems and (hopefully) the new factory Ride Command system.

      In addition to the radio visors, I am now working on the cigarette lighter design that I whipped up a few weeks ago. Here's a fresh pic...

      This is just a basic pop-out that I found locally (I'm making the housing), but I have ordered 10 more that will have an illuminated ring/bezel (Blue LED, like the rest of the dash) for the introductory run. That will make the socket much easier to find in the dark! The lighter pulls 10-15A so you would need a dedicated circuit for it. I plan on hooking up mine direct to the battery with an inline fuse (I don't have one of those auxiliary fuse boxes, yet) and wiring it hot (not switched), like the socket between the seats, but it could be easily wired as a switched circuit via a relay.

      So far, I have one person asking me to make one for them and wanted to see if there were any others that are interested. Haven't worked out a price yet, but I'm thinking they will be in the same neighborhood as the visors. Obviously, the socket can also be used for other 12v plug-ins like chargers and such. If you're not a smoker, just plug something else in there. Anyway, if you are interested, please let me know so I can get an idea for demand (if any) of these little beauties and whether you would prefer basic pig tails or a full harness with inline fuse to hook directly to the battery. The LED will have its own pig tails for tapping into a switched circuit, no matter how the lighter is wired.

      As always, thanks for your helpful support and feedback! :thumbup:

      "Human beings, who are almost unique in having the ability to learn from the experience of others, are also remarkable for their apparent disinclination to do so."
      ― Douglas Adams

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      Slingrazor wrote:

      Do I have a tolerant wife or what. First the hood is still in the bedroom and now this is my kitchen table.
      Praying for a little warmth and dry air tomorrow!
      LOL... Did I say my wife reminds me of every single time I do something like this? 28 years of it... Still won't live the day down that she called and I said "O', by the way, don't freak out, but the kitchen is in the back yard right now..." She ended up doing dishes in the tub for a week. I guess I deserved that one :cursing:
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      I ran out of daylight, but atleast I was able to do something. Installed the tucked license plate holder and Rock guard for the swing arm. I will have more time tomorrow to do a whole lot more.
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      #7Cities1Party....Sun's Out Slingshot's Out.... :thumbup: :SLRSS:
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      Slingrazor wrote:

      Do I have a tolerant wife or what. First the hood is still in the bedroom and now this is my kitchen table.

      Praying for a little warmth and dry air tomorrow!
      You are telling us you still have a hood (helmet) :00000436: :00008172:
      Do not resent growing old. Many are denied.... The Privilege :REDSS: :SUPERCHARGERSS: : :HEADERSS: : :COILOVERSS: Wycket hitch
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      Nemesis1701 wrote:

      Quick removal of battery cover and access to battery. Just started not letting the fat lady sing for the moment but if it works well it works!
      Not as easy as it looks but has potential.I think a good quality quick release at the right setting will work. Now dont think dust or dirt will be more an issue than the hood quick release.Again i see potential.
      It's how well you go fast !

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