Where Did You Take Your Slingshot Today?

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      Bill Martin wrote:

      @rabtech - Arkansas is out of the question right now :00008172:
      Thousands of spiders cover Arkansas highway in huge webs like 'thick carpet'


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      Oh HELL no! I checked, Bono AR is only 180 miles away from me - heck, anywhere on the same planet is too close! At least they are little guys... photo below is a Chocolate Tarantula - the largest spider native to Arkansas. Males like this guy travel for miles to find a mate - we see them walking across the lawn and driveway in the fall, but always alone! The black and yellow beauty is a bit smaller - about the size of your palm. She is an Agriope Aurantia, also called a Banana Spider. This little lady's name is Shelob, she lives along the fence line on my ranch. That fence behind her is 4x2 inch mesh, but the way - just to give you an idea of scale. :)
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