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  • Selling the ultimate track wheel/tire setup for the Slingshot. It took me several tries to get it right, but below works amazing and is proven to put down the fastest Slingshot lap times. These are all DOT legal street tires and can/have been driven on the street. I would caution those that do this to avoid rain and cold temperatures. They absolutely shine in aggressive driving where you can heat up the tires as intended for this compound type. Below are details on the 5 rims and 6 tires that are included...

    • Forgestar 18x12 wheel with a Toyo R888 305/30/18 installed (has 3-4 track days on it and has another 3-5 more in it)
    • Brand new Toyo R888 305/30/18 tire - bought 2 initially, because this model is discontinued
    • 2 base model rears (18x9.5) wrapped in 255/35/18 Toyo R888r tires (3-4 track days on them and 5-8 more in them)
    • 2 base model fronts (17x7) wrapped in 225/45/17 Nitto NT01 tires (6-7 track days on them and 3-4 more in them)

    All 5 rims are in great shape and is not affiliated with Polaris Industries the makers of Polaris Slingshot in any way.