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  • Quote from Bill Martin: “HOW THE HELL IARE WE, THE POOR VOTER, TO KNOW WHAT THE HELL THE TRUTH IS ?? ” . If you tell me my opinion is wrong because I am a bigot or a racist without knowing me or even asking why I have let alone attempting to understand my opinion then I have no need for yours.…e02cba0448538ba30b33ca103 ........ .

  • . Welcome to another edition of ...... President Trump has a way of making people do some really stupid things.... The Dems and certain news agencies are giving the "migrant caravan" as little air play as possible so not to rally conservatives ..... So last night in TX the President challenges the MSM to "go into the middle of the caravan" where he claims they will find criminals, MS-13 members, and "middle easterners" ..then like little puppies they scamper down to Mexico in an effort to prove …

  • . With all the "revelations" tonight I thought it might be nice to let my friends here know some things the hysterical media won't tell you since all they seem to care about is Khashoggi was "one of them" ...... just a simple reporter speaking truth to power ........ Khashoggi was an adviser to former Saudi intelligence chief Turki al-Faisal when he was ambassador to London, then Washington. Khashoggi reportedly joined the Muslim Brotherhood in the 1970s and continued to advocate for political I…

  • . I'm sure this went over well in LA ...........…e02cba0448538ba30b33ca103…e02cba0448538ba30b33ca103 ........ .

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  • Whoopsie ..... Looks like the top intelligence committee Dem stepped in a pile of Schiff again ....…e02cba0448538ba30b33ca103 Of course he hasn't deleted, corrected, or apologized ..... I won't hold my breath... .... .

  • Quote from Bill Martin: “…e02cba0448538ba30b33ca103 ” . To re-pay the Presidents legal fees she is going to have to dig into her 401K-Y ......…e02cba0448538ba30b33ca103 .

  • "Oh sure.. in the beginning it is always ooohhh ahhh... and then later... there's screaming... and running..." -- Dr. Ian Malcom, Chaotician ....... .

  • Quote from WOLF: “Warren's test showed she did in fact have native blood passed down from her great great grandmother, which is the story she always told in defense of her claim. Yes, it is a very small percentage, but it was found to be there. ” . This subject actually bothers me a lot on a personal level ...... Her claim was that her Mother was enough Cherokee and Delaware Indian that everyone in the OK town she grew up in knew it to the point her fathers family used it as reason to forbid him…

  •…e02cba0448538ba30b33ca103 Reports are a Judge just dismissed Stormy's defamation case against the President ..... Aaaaaaaaaaand ....... Wait for it ................. Wait..... for....... it .......... Ordered that all legal costs incurred by Mr. Trump be repaid ....... giphy.gif .... .

  • Quote from kansling: “There have been a few "ram air" applications that have shown up recently. I'm surprised nobody has funneled air to a box or enclosure on their cold air filter from the Canadian headlight location. It looks like a direct run back to the area behind the center headlights. This wouldn't work for those with the headlights, but for those that don't have the lights, a couple 2" tubes and some ingenuity could bring in cool air from the outside. Any thoughts or opinions? ” . More a…

  • Quote from 2W2X1: “I love the cubby...... ” .…e02cba0448538ba30b33ca103 ........... Whoa there partner ............ ... .

  • Quote from Red: “MSNBC reported this yesterday and made it an anti Trump story. ” . giphy.gif ...... .

  • So .. this probably won't go over well but here it goes .... I keep hearing certain lawmakers stating the US/President Trump needs to "punish" Saudi Arabia if it is found they in fact killed the "US resident working for a US news agency" Jamal Khashoggi. When you break it down to its base facts I see a problem with this ..... Khashoggi was not a US citizen, he was a Saudi working in the US allegedly killed on Saudi sovereign soil (their consulate in Turkey). He was not a refuge, been granted asy…

  • Quote from edwardaneal: “Quote from FunCycle: “I VOTED TODAY ” havent received our mail in ballots yet ” . As a convenience to residents CA has sent your ballot to a Governor appointed official to be completed for you so you don't have to be bothered by all that Freedom and choice stuff .....…e02cba0448538ba30b33ca103 ................ .

  • Quote from edwardaneal: “So - I don't get it - the city cancels an event that brought money and was mostly well to do people with high end motorcycles and vendors paying for space because of the fear of violence yet they allow the annual meeting of a large group that is labeled as an "outlaw" motorcycle group to continue to come ” . For the same reason PETA throws red paint on old ladies fur coats but not on Hells Angels leather vests ... or why mobs show up to run Sarah Sanders or Ted Cruz out …

  • Quote from Bigdog: “I steer clear of silver hairs and people with handicapped plates....and the ones it looks like nobody is driving ... No letters please... ” Well then don't come to Florida ...... No...really..........Don't come to Florida........ .... .

  • Quote from WOLF: “What if I think he is a lousy person and an embarrassment to the office and I don't have a 401k? ” . Not to worry...he still loves you ....…e02cba0448538ba30b33ca103 ...... .

  • Quote from WOLF: “I know you can Spin it as he did, ” .…e02cba0448538ba30b33ca103 He was a private citizen at the time .... .

  • Quote from edwardaneal: “Democrat congress people have made public speeches in which they have called for their constituents to publicly harass any republican politician and members of their families this s#it is being promoted by The Party itself and by some of its highest / most public people there have always been nuts on both sides that do things like in your link, but what the left is doing now they are doing because the people at the top are calling for it - it has become their official Pa… is not affiliated with Polaris Industries the makers of Polaris Slingshot in any way.