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  • @rabtech - this is the existing thread for the third annual event in Murphy. You'll see the folks who have already said they are interested, and the other hotel information is here as well. See you Saturday morning at Waffle King!

  • No worries, just click the "like" to go straight from "dislike" to "like," or click the "dislike" again to zero it out. We've all done it.

  • @rabtech, I'm confused. This year is the 3rd annual, not the 2nd, and we're meeting on Saturday, because the holiday is being observed on Monday. And in the write-up you also say 2017. You ok? 3rd Annual Murphy, NC, Veteran's Day Weekend rally

  • At the time of purchase, all we had was my '04 Silverado and her '11 Traverse. We got rid of our bikes when our first child was born, and just did without for a couple-three years. Now the Sling gets more miles than the truck does.

  • Well, we did the nominee last year (actually, we helped two families, if you remember), so at the risk of making it seem like we're soaking down the Sling family annually for our pet project, I'd love to know if anyone else has a local family in need. Neighbor, relative, someone from the news, whatever. Should have definitive goals we can achieve, such as gifts for kids, paying a power bill or something, vice just giving them a wad of cash....unless we are confident they will use the cash for so…

  • Slingshot Songs

    KayTwo - - Slingshot General Discussion


    Quote from Stinger: “ ” That's actually a pretty badass video. Very cool.

  • Slingshot Songs

    KayTwo - - Slingshot General Discussion


    Quote from Ross: “Dear tailgater - I'm sorry to hear of your woes. There were two promises made .... no tickets and incredible sights. I lived up to both and can say that when I lead we never travelled under the speed limit. Just wait until our next adventure .... bet you'll still be in my side mirror view. Sincerely Pounding sand in the frozen tundra ” I don't recall ever tailgating (excessively), and I don't mind being in your side mirror - I'm secure like that. Just saying you might want to r…

  • 48 and clear this morning before the sun came up.…f23bfb7fee2b4f75638f8fa77

  • Hell of a deal.... @Ghost, aren't you in that general area?

  • Ummm.... *what* is it? What's the drivetrain and power plant?

  • Slingshot Songs

    KayTwo - - Slingshot General Discussion


    Quote from Ross: “The Slingshot really needs a rearview mirror - it doesn't even have to reflect what is behind you ..... it just needs to vibrate and shake when you've got the tunes cranked up on the way home from work and the perfect song for your mood comes on with just enough of that driving beat ” I followed your taillights for 6000 miles this summer, so I feel qualified to need the soundtrack to Driving Miss Daisy.

  • Quote from ahm700: “From the videos I have seen I think it has less traction than a good tire on a stock swing arm. Looks like it takes weight off rear tire. Also I think it would have a negative effect on handling. Did anyone run with it through the curves? ” No idea, but I'm going to hazard a guess that the cornering in that pig is less than optimal.

  • Quote from adventure4me: “Quote from ShortShifter: “I have been getting a few that think it's rented and act shocked when they found out otherwise. ” I've been getting this question more lately - then they are really shocked that a little ole lady owns one and can outdrive them into the bargain! ” Fixed it for ya.

  • Quote from paulj: “Has anyone tried using a bit of Silicone lube spray on the belt ?? ” Yes, @Ross and I did it in preparation for our cross-country trip this summer. Don't remember if we did it for @exharleyrider also. Bottom line, didn't see much difference in the longterm.

  • Betcha it's not as comfortable in that seat for 500 miles as the Sling is.

  • So, I got a chance to sit in @'lrobbi''s ride at Booze & Blues a couple weeks ago and try the driver's side EZ-Out. I have long legs and the coordination of a baby moose on ice, so I figured I'd try it out first before I considered buying it. For starters, I have a bad habit of pulling on the steering wheel. I know I need to stop, but I'm not sure I can at this point. I found the movement to get to the EZ-Out handle awkward, but that's because it was new to me and it wasn't a natural movement. O…

  • Quote from adventure4me: “Snowing in Kansas. ” Quote from WingShot: “0e1e90b5fd60d18df3c8088fe6b2f13e.jpg First snow. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk ” Between you guys and @Jonathan Thompson, I'm really bummed on your behalf. Been a few days in a row with a threat of showers, but today is clear and cool, so Azura is out of the garage and sitting in her space in front of my building. It was 54 this morning, and tomorrow is supposed to be mid-40's. Brisk but sunny! @Ross, once you pack Kariann…

  • Quote from Texas T: “Heck, I've even signed up for some "aggressive" rides at Sling events and heard people complain it was too aggressive. ” Pro tip: Stop riding with @ericastar76, you won't have that problem.

  • Bump! @ericastar76 and @Bubblehead and @Lorge have signed up...anyone else?

  • Quote from Ruptured Duck: “Will be getting back from SEMA and may have to attend an Overlanding expo in Asheville that weekend. I'm going to try and drive up early Saturday if I can. Not that far of a drive for me. ” 'Bout time you show up to drive! Wear your long undies! is not affiliated with Polaris Industries the makers of Polaris Slingshot in any way.