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  • Quote from edwardaneal: “this garbage is ridiculous. If a man or a woman identifies as different sex than what they are biologically I couldnt care less, want to dress that way, I dont care, want me to call you betty instead of bob, I dont care. people should be free to live their lives any way they want and so long as they keep out of other peoples lives - as far as I am concerned its all good But when it comes to sports competitions I think a line needs to be drawn. I dont think a person who w…

  • I'm attempting to be more socially aware but need some help. If a man who identifies as woman is appropriately touched by a woman who identifies as a man, which one should I believe? #believewomen?

  • Slingshot Prejudice

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    It is not uncommon to put trikes in the back, I often volunteer to block allowing the bikes to get on the road and fall in behind. I like being last and understand not wanting to ride a bike behind a slingshot due to road visibility. I would suggest putting together a charity ride then putting the bikes last if it makes you feel better. It's really about supporting charities not a dick measuring contest. So far all the shows I've been to put it in the motorcycle/trike class per the VIN plate.

  • T-Rex

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    At 6'2" 225lbs the trex just isn't a good fit. Even with the steering wheel off it's not easy for someone my size to get in and out. At my age I'm not very flexible either.

  • They should have told him how to dodge road debris when he picked it up.

  • Quote from Bigdog: “Quote from Nemesis1701: “Not a mod but i need help finding part SS…47c8580d09e53b8d69894d6d0 Ive been all over and cant find it. ” 2015 Polaris SLINGSHOT ALL OPTIONS (T15AAS/AAP) Engine, Cylinder Head And Related Parts All Options | CyclePartsNation Polaris Parts Nation #4 ”…47c8580d09e53b8d69894d6d0

  • Quote from Orangeman: “So .. this probably won't go over well but here it goes .... I keep hearing certain lawmakers stating the US/President Trump needs to "punish" Saudi Arabia if it is found they in fact killed the "US resident working for a US news agency" Jamal Khashoggi. When you break it down to its base facts I see a problem with this ..... Khashoggi was not a US citizen, he was a Saudi working in the US allegedly killed on Saudi sovereign soil (their consulate in Turkey). He was not a r…

  • What I hear everytime Hillary Clinton talks.

  • Eric Holder doesn't agree with Michelle Obama "if they go low we go high" his new saying " if they go low kick them".

  • Quote from Orangeman: “Quote from WOLF: “I know you can Spin it as he did, ” . He was a private citizen at the time .... . ” Most if the bad behavior took place when he was a Democrat. And the left loved him.…47c8580d09e53b8d69894d6d0

  • It's so fun watching the media talking heads using polls to predict the next election. Remember those "it's impossible for Trump to win" polls from the last election? Same talking heads same polls, I guess being wrong doesn't teach them anything.

  • Quote from DKF Texas: “Quote from KayTwo: “I'm just curious how, so quickly after the accident, the owner who wasn't there can point at the brake pin recall, and say that that was the issue. Truly curious, no snark. ” I agree...the brother said the brakes locked up. 2 different people have told me the pin issue would not cause brakes to lockup...we will just have to wait and see...who knows Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk ” It will be easy to check the pin to see if it failed. I don't underst…

  • I hear the dems telling all their supporters to get out and vote in the mid terms. All the while saying the last election didn't matter because they lost. So an election is only valid if the dems win?

  • Hood will not latch

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    Slamming the hood can bend the rear brackets down. The more they bend the less likely to latch.

  • Found this pic on facebook.…47c8580d09e53b8d69894d6d0

  • Alignment cost

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    Quote from Bigdog: “1: The complete Slingshot Hub Mounted True Laser Track laser alignment system will be $1625.00 + freight System includes 2: mandrels; 2: hub mounted adapters; 4: targets with target weights; 2: lasers; 2: laser cradles, 2: tape measures and 2 shop clothes in a large polished aluminum diamond plate case, with 2 : 7 inch diamond plate ride height blocks Here’s a sneak peak: ” that's what I use, works great.

  • Quote from wjfyfe: “The universal joint should allow for any slight "misalignment" there may be................. Bill ” it will allow it to work but the more aggressive angle could cause more stress on the bearing and case.

  • Something to consider, what if the failures are caused by the alignment of the drive with the shaft? It would account for the multiple failures on the same unit. Could the mounting points for the drive be misaligned?


  • Quote from WOLF: “Quote from Red: “Quote from WOLF: “FBI: "Hey roommate, to your knowledge did Kavenaugh go to more than 1 house party that whole summer"? ” The question is not related to the investigation. He has no direct knowledge of the alleged assaults.The issue of "a pattern of behavior" only matters if it pertains to the case. No fishing. ” It's related because Kavenaugh said "all my events are in my calendar" and there was only one house party in his calender. If there were more he atten… is not affiliated with Polaris Industries the makers of Polaris Slingshot in any way.