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  • Colorado ride

    1poser - - South


    Thanks for the info, @Br4hm4 no news is good news I guess...when peeps are into it so much that they don't have time to post is a good thing It's great that there's still die hard Slingers out there (like yourself) that are still attending the events!

  • Colorado ride

    1poser - - South


    @Br4hm4 no one's posting about SSITR that's your back yard, was it a good turnout? Is Ivor doing it next year again? No one posts these events anymore like they use too?

  • Quote from Cywolv: “Mount Soledad, La Jolla, CA ” GREAT SPOT @Cywolv always love the view and the Wall. Nice looking top as well. I try and do a photo opp whenever i can. Memorial Day flying Ol' Glory…a3793d1d4bd635e01b147e831 Took my Dad Manny up there…a3793d1d4bd635e01b147e831

  • Quote from mniron: “@Bugeater here is your "ConeGuard"…a3793d1d4bd635e01b147e831 ” O M G!!! Toooooooo FUNNY!

  • - I'm gonna beat this thing to death - @Bugeater I'll pay for this course if you take it;

  • Quote from Bugeater: “ Here is the run that ended my day and prevented a second run for my girlfriend. Damn cones got in my way. ” Quote from Bugeater: “ Here is the run that ended my day and prevented a second run for my girlfriend. Damn cones got in my way. ” Geeeez Tony you're not suppose to do that!!! 2 things-1 glad you're not hurt! 2 glad that didn't happen with your GF with you! HOLLY MOLLY... Coming in R E A L L Y hot on that right hander and she s…

  • Have a fun & safe trip @MBMedic! Well getting new shoes on for the trip because last year I had to go into Denver to get a new rear tire, I wouldn't be able to pass Henry's inspection for the Hill Climb. Discount Tire in PB is having issues trying to set the beed to the rim and they've done the strap, air gun & letting it sit in the sun, but still not now I'm at a stand still... This is the gap…a3793d1d4bd635e01b147e831 Rear tire…

  • Quote from ericastar76: “Video 4 of 5 is up... @Lorge, Christine, @sideslinger and I really enjoyed the ride up Route 276 (it was my favorite stretch of road at SSITS)! ” HOLY-MOLY if that was @Lorge in front of you at the 2:00 min mark he almost had an OOPSIE, that truck took the wrong side turn-off (oooooh-boy). Great footage! I like the end pic as well.

  • @Turbosling I'm surprised you haven't Turboed his yet...or maybe you tweeked his battery pack or motor

  • Quote from ericastar76: “At some point @sideslinger is going to want a sling of her own... maybe I'll go turbo on that one? But I got to tell ya' ~> my SC is HELLA FAST right now! Sure, at some point I'll want more... but I question (anything past 300hp), if it's all about suspension and tires (not the motor). ” Let her drive your's a lil bit so she can get her feet wet to give her a good idea of power. I surely agree in a Road course it's all about suspension, tires and TALENT! I ride with a Na…

  • So @Br4hm4 looks like that wild fire is in Park County and hopefully they'll get it contained. Our route from Pagosa Springs is West of it so hopefully it won't interfere by Tuesday July 11th.…a3793d1d4bd635e01b147e831 I also hope no lives or property will be effected.

  • Quote from adventure4me: “@1poser, you may ride in front - I just won't follow so close!! I finally figured that out! Tony sent me info so plan to meet in Utah, but Vegas may still be possible so need to know where you are staying. Looking forward to seeing you guys!! ” Here's Utah's dwelling in Capitol Reef Sunday 7/9/17 We can meet you along the route or at Rodeway Inn.

  • Quote from adventure4me: “I'm leaving Washington state 2 weeks from tomorrow!. Hopefully meeting up with California guys in Nevada or Utah! Just made appt for 30,000 mile service and they have brake sensors!! ” Anita have a safe trip and I'm meeting Tony in Las Vegas Sunday July 9th then heading into Capitol Reef UT spending the night there... Monday's ride is for Pagosa Springs where we'll spend the night there and enjoy the Hot Springs... Tuesday we head into Avon... So that gives you an idea …

  • yes a slingshot ride; check your seatbelt

  • Make sure when you have a new passenger they check their seatbelt... or you might get a reaction like this;

  • 1st day of summer on Tuesday and still boarding; Winter doesn't want to leave…a3793d1d4bd635e01b147e831…a3793d1d4bd635e01b147e831

  • Another SS T-Shirt

    1poser - - Slingshot General Discussion


    Saw this on FB thought I'd share…a3793d1d4bd635e01b147e831 pola-retipl?side=front It should have said Riding... for this reason, I'm out

  • @SlingLow I only have the vents NO buttons. After I installed the vents I forgot to lower the rubber pad/bolt which I raised up to take away the flutter (old school way of putting pressure on the fender), above 110 it catches air and starts fluttering, but after lowering them it went away. I will use velcro for now to make sure it doesn't do it during strong cross winds.

  • Beautiful for a ride and decided to video the fluttering fender cure;

  • Holy-moly @mniron, that is PURE EYE CANDY!…a3793d1d4bd635e01b147e831 great job on exterior and interior! is not affiliated with Polaris Industries the makers of Polaris Slingshot in any way.