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  • Same boxes as @kenny_h. Here is picsbof my brackets. Stephen

  • @kenny_h gift to @rabtech. A gift from your…6c5050a4aa6bdc21bd98e7dcb

  • Quote from Gonfast38: “@MACAWS What size is your trailer and how much clearance do you have between the wheel wells? I am looking for one wide enough for my Sling which is about 2.5" wider than stock. I also want it for caged kart racing when not hauling the Sling ” My wheels are about 2.5" wider than stock in the front also. I have a similar trailer to @MACAWS. Mine is a Pace American 8.5'x20'. After the wheel install I have to back my sling into the trailer as going forward would leave less th…

  • I'll see you guys out there. @kenny_h. Where's that awesome picture displaying @rabtechs artistic ability at? Stephen Here is a shot of the crew at the event earlier this year.…6c5050a4aa6bdc21bd98e7dcb


    Toobad4u - - Slingshot General Discussion


    Dang. I didn't know there was a different prize. I only knew of the big prize. Stephen


    Toobad4u - - Slingshot General Discussion


    I don't think adventure4me won the big prize. She did however complete the whole ride. Stephen

  • Quote from WraithSS: “Quote from Sling Brian: “Does anyone have experience with RideTech air shock system? ” I've got some for the system I built. Ride Tech doesn't make one specifically for the Slingshot. There are a lot of options. What do you want to know about them? @lrobbi and I are both running air ride now. ” Are you running the 7000 or 8000 series shockwaves? Any more if those custom tanks you made that don't take up any storage area? Thanks, Stephen

  • Looks to be an Alpha kit as theirs uses a more vertical vertical mounted shock. Bob's kit uses pushrods bolted to rockers with the shocks at a more horizontal position. If I remember correctly. Easy way to find out. @Turbosling. Is this one if yours? Stephen.

  • - Blessed by @Painter at SSITS. I'm glad to be representing a great friend I met because of the slingshot with the Three's Da Life logo. We just returned from a 6,000+ mile cross country trip. - Stephen……6c5050a4aa6bdc21bd98e7dcb

  • Saw someone else using this new top design to keep the hot New Mexico sun from heating up their seats. Should be easy to tell who it was.…6c5050a4aa6bdc21bd98e7dcb

  • @j4henry. It has rained on us every day since we left. We just ran through some serious rain on a crappy 2 lane road. No where to pull off. Got to a hotel in Carlsbad and 15 minutes later a tornado warning siren started going off. Unfortunately it looks like we will be in rain at some point every day according to the radar. We might be cutting out some tourist destinations to try and get past the rain. Stephen

  • Have fun guys Stephen

  • Use a small screw driver or punch to hold the shroud and fan together in one hole on each side. This allows you to focus on installing the bolt in the other hole without having to support or align the parts together. I fought it for 10 minutes first. Once I put in a screwdriver in one of the holes it was completely bolted up in less than 5 minutes. Stephen

  • I just pulled the radiator out and installed it without removing the front end. Seemed much easier this way. Even slid it down behind the intercooler into its location. I'm not sure why they want everyone to pull the complete front end off of it. Stephen

  • I'm not near mine right now but remember having the cushion out and sitting in the seat. I remember it being hard as a rock. I'll take a closer look at it this afternoon and see exactly why they would call it a suspension seat. I will test it to see where the platform might be open in the middle to allow and suspension movement.…6c5050a4aa6bdc21bd98e7dcb I included a picture of the gen 1 seat bottom side that someone had posted before. You can see that it is truly …

  • I am glad others are seeing and feeling what I have said all along about the SS seats since the first ride I took in mine. I've put all kinds of different foam densities and material to try and make them more comfortable. I even ordered the denser material from PRP, and still had to put extra foam in mine. I spoke with Josh @slingmods about this very thing at SSITS. The first generation seats are actual suspension seats that support you completely. The SS seats are a cushion on top of a plate. N…

  • message sent @Bubblehead about mirror. Thanks, Stephen

  • Located directly above the release handle. Straight up from the center headlights. Most of the cracks start out real small and almost unnoticeable. Stephen

  • Thanks for the info @FunCycle. Mine broke the nipple clean off at SSITS. I repaired it while there and it's still going strong. Personally, I think some vendors silicone hoses are too stiff and when being forced to make that curve toward the valve cover it puts unnecessary strain on the small nipple and causes it to break. I went back to the stock heater hoses on the bottle. I drilled the tank 1/4" npt and threaded a 90° brass fitting into it with the hose barb facing forward to eliminate the be…

  • @FunCycle. Are you still using the stock hoses, or aftermarket? Stephen is not affiliated with Polaris Industries the makers of Polaris Slingshot in any way.