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  • @2W2X1 I found it sir. just pm your address and I will get it sent you sir.

  • Thanks, @mytoy and @MiM @slingmods has a pretty good price on them. That was another question I had was how do they look and durability.

  • @2W2X1 let me look this afternoon, just seen this. I think i still have mine. I don't think I gave it to anybody.

  • I would like to hear from the ones who have the SSV armrest speaker pods. I do like the fact that they are ABS plastic and still have the mounting holes for the orignal hardware. Would like to hear from you guys and gals that might have them your pros and cons and what other speakers you have in them?

  • Quote from Ruptured Duck: “Been busy with the race but was able to complete my splash delete before the weekend was up. Little dirty being at the track but you get the idea ” Really liking the way that looks. Such awesome talent on here.

  • @Drew71646 and myself rode to springhill,LA to the lumberjack festival and car show. meet a few more SS owners, had a good time and good ride.…dd19314e0720a4f661d65c7fe

  • Quote from fosterpe: “Have a question about this. Can you cut both center and outside lights and put them on one switch? I would think you could if you want all lights off and one at same time. Thanks ” What year model do you have? I have the 17 which has the two relays for the headlights. I would think you could run one switch, when you cut the relay wires run them in a series together and wire to one switch. If I am wrong Please one of our electricians on here chime in. I also noticed your in …

  • Quote from SoCal: “Snap cap heaven! Hit every bolt on the Stern end, belt guard, splash guard and hoops! Interior cabin next!………dd19314e0720a4f661d65c7fe ” Those look nice, sure does make a clean sleek look back there.

  • Quote from airoutlaw: “Quote from Trooper: “installed my rear protection plate and scuffed it up putting e……dd19314e0720a4f661d65c7fexhaust back…dd19314e0720a4f661d65c7fe ” Yep, that's not the story to be tellin'... You took a rock. I will back you up on that one. Otherwise, I don't know you. ” Okay what am i missing here. I installed my exhaust yesterday, Y pipe was to close t…

  • installed my rear protection plate and scuffed it up putting exhaust back…dd19314e0720a4f661d65c7fe

  • Quote from LargeCar: “Here is how mine looks, if I'm not to late to the party/…dd19314e0720a4f661d65c7fe Front is on the right. I have converted my dual to a single low silencer so my pipe may look a bit different. I'm sure Jeff will be able to help you best. LC ” Thank you very much. took it a part last night, the Y pipe melted my plastic. in the process of putting it all back together now. Thank you again.

  • Looking for parts

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    here is a picture of the lights just PM your address sir.…dd19314e0720a4f661d65c7fe

  • Looking for parts

    Trooper - - Slingshot General Discussion


    Quote from brianmjones: “How much? ” They are free Sir. Just pay it forward if your able to sometime. I will get you pics of them later this afternoon.

  • Looking for parts

    Trooper - - Slingshot General Discussion


    Quote from brianmjones: “I purchased a low mileage wrecked 2016 SL and am searching for the parts needed used before purchasing new. Yes, I know this is a risky endeavor, however this was the only way I was going to be able to own an SS. Just a few hours in with minimal spend, and I have already corrected the mechanical and electrical issues that it had. It runs, drives, steers, and stops. Now I need to corrective the cosmetic issues. Finding these parts used will accelerate the time line to get…

  • Quote from dangerdarrell: “Quote from Trooper: “We did not get to make to ES this year. Have the dates for next year been put out yet? ” September 18-22. Weekend before Bikes, Blues & BBQ. ” Thank you Sir

  • We did not get to make to ES this year. Have the dates for next year been put out yet?

  • Quote from Jeff Welter: “Sorry. Im just now seeing this. I think We spoke earlier on phone but not sure. 573 703-4308 my cell. Call anytime if you have any problems or questions still unanswered. Sent from my iPhone using Polaris Slingshot Info ” yes sir we did this morning, Thank you again.

  • Quote from LargeCar: “Just checked to see if I had a picture, I do but not with me. Sorry. LC ” No worries thank you for the advice, much grateful

  • Quote from LargeCar: “Buy one of @SlingLow rear diamond plate to cover up the melted part, worked good on mine. LC ” I have one already, so I will be prepping for paint and installing it also. I am glad I purchased it awhile back.

  • Quote from LargeCar: “on my 17 the rear hanger goes up and down not sideways. Put in the bolt the goes inside the frame hole and let it drop down straight then attach it to the pipe. Mine is 2 inch but I think it is the same. LC ” Thanks. I have a 17 also. I would assume the clamp bolt that goes around the pipe is down also. is not affiliated with Polaris Industries the makers of Polaris Slingshot in any way.