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  • Sad to see this but considering what we know from speculation by the initial report on FB and member comments here I'd lean more on the auto trans locking up in a lower gear than a brake pin failure. Losing the brake pin would result in loss of braking IMHO not locking up unless the entire caliper somehow lodged up in the wheel. If I was to get a auto trans conversion I'd prefer a manual shift type. Being an exposed to the elements vehicle electrics can be problematic .

  • Quote from airoutlaw: “More than one way to achieve the final result. I question the size of the clamp you linked to, the material of which it is made of, and what the clamp was originally designed for. People now have choices. Good job! ” The clamps are made of aluminum and designed for mounting off road lights on roll bars or as in this case the luggage carrier. Can't say the clamps are overkill size wise but they'll certainly handle any load put in or on the carrier.

  • Mounting a Reese Explore roof top carrier on a Twist or Bullet Speed canvas top roof is very easy. No need to go fabricating parts either. Nor spending a bunch of money either. Here's what to get: Reese Explore Carrier. Less than $90 at Walmart -- 24087297 Clamps. A set of 4 clamps from House Tuning. Amazon or e-Bay costs less than $25. Get the clamps that will fit 1.625 pipe. House Tuning 1.625 inch Roll Bar Clamp Tube Clamp BracketRoof Bar Clamp for A... | eBay Four 3/8" Bolts from your local …

  • Quote from BKL: “The ?main? TDS Admin posted they've taken new steps to better secure the site. I guess we'll see, but I'm getting a little leery of how often they seem to get hacked. ” I quit going there a long time ago for this very reason. Too afraid just looking at a topic I'd get zapped with a viruses. Not worth the risk. Besides this site beats them hands down.

  • Our 2 year old Chihuahua, Niki loves riding in the Slingshot. Always ready to go as soon as the Sling is fired up & pulled out of the garage.……6834c70f650900d8e0381bace

  • Hang in there Mr. Bill. It will get better. Time is on your side in this. Had a friend go thru the whole thing you're experiencing so far. Today he's up and about doing pretty much everything he used to do. Prayer for ya all just the same.

  • I'll have more to offer later. Getting caught back up on the home front first after attending SSITS but should have more available by next week. Larry

  • Quote from mniron: “Fender Button Installs all week! Hope to see everyone there. ” Seriously considering this install. Do I need an appointment? Should be arriving sometime Monday.

  • Is there a designated trailer parking area away from the hotels for those of us hauling our slingshots to Maggie Valley? Seems I recall past parking on the fairgrounds? I went to SSitS in "15" but rode my sling there then. Coming back for this event this year but trailering the sling this time around. Larry

  • I used the following HID lights and have been more than happy with them, Very bright and light the road a whole lot better then the stock set up. Totally plug and play too. I went HIDs for both sets of lights. 6k white Search Result |

  • Pics?

  • Today I took my seat frames to the dealership to have them check on those welds in question. I tried using the mirror method without results. So by taking them out I got a good look. Still cold here so really no down time either. Anyhow my seats passed the inspection. Figured it would since I saw nothing wrong but by having the shops inspections and paperwork done to satisfy Polaris I'm covered. I'm attaching pics of the welds. I don't know just which areas are in question but if one was to look…

  • Canvas top

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    Mine was one of the early models that used a webbed lashing system. Never loosened up since day one. I stand corrected. There are snaps on the side rails but front & rear fasteners are a web & buckle affair that can be tightened. In any case the canvas has stayed taunt & tight in the 3 years I've owned this Slingshot.

  • Quick Latch

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    @mniron So will you be installing these hood pins at SSitS / MV this year? If so I'm in for a set. If not a link on where to order them.

  • Quote from Neosolidus: “Quote from kev: “thank you @ funcycle getting all the minimum shipping charges and taxes in now , but course there are no taxes for you U.S.customers to worry about ! lol ” I am sure you researched this but anyone buying in the same state that you are selling will have to pay taxes(michigan). ” True but if shipping and discounts offset the taxes paid it's still good. Guess it depends on what we're buying and from who being drop shipped. Definitely our northern friends wil…


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    Quote from exharleyrider: “Would anyone happen to have a trailer hitch they aren't using and would like to get rid of. I don't need anything fancy, would like to get the swing arm mounted hitch as I will not be pulling a lot of weight and not using it a lot, a few times a year for fairly short runs for the most part. Thanks ” I build a swing arm mounted hitch that I offer on e-Bay. Polaris Slingshot reciever style hitch | eBay

  • Quote from BKL: “This seller offers a reasonably-priced Double DIN install kit that includes the wiring to fit the Slingshot - POLARIS SLINGSHOT MARINE STYLE DASH INSTAL KIT RADIO COVER FOR DOUBLE DIN STEREO | eBay. Haven't used it, but it looks like it should handle the wiring issues. Since I have my amp mounted behind the radio, I've been looking at MP5 radios that lack a DVD/CD drive, but can play MP3 and MP4 files. Some of the MP5 players can be had with a rear-view camera and GPS for well u…

  • WOW Huge difference in price there. Saw another one listed at $455 on e-Bay too. Yep they just put the magic words up front. LOL Time for more research. is not affiliated with Polaris Industries the makers of Polaris Slingshot in any way.