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  • That was pretty awesome for those of us that have not had the pleasure of meeting you yet. You are obviously the real deal and I hope to share a road with you someday!

  • I went with this Blue Sea Systems fuse block. 6 hot and 6 switched circuits. It should handle all my future needs. It is larger than the 6 circuit blocks - about the size of two of them (imagine that!). I'm working on a mounting location - I may do something similar to @Bigdog s passenger side firewall bracket/platform. My plan, based on advice from @ericastar76 is to run a 2 gauge wire to a splitter that will eventually also feed a stereo amp, then a 4 gauge to the block, protected with a 100 a…

  • Roll Hoop Luggage

    SlingLow - - Slingshot General Discussion


    Quote from MADDMOE: “….how do you like that Windscreen you have there on that Red Slingshot....? ” @MADDMOE that is the @lrobbi windscreen that many have raved about. It is not my Slingshot. I included the photo to show that it is compatible with the luggage racks. Check it out at: R-SHOT Mesh Windscreen Now Available

  • Just a quick, shameless plug for additional versatility for hauling luggage. These luggage racks work excellent with the MeanSling bags and also allow for hauling a small cooler, groceries, or other items. I get even more smiles than normal when hauling a 12 pack of toilet paper home from the grocery store. They look good empty too... $315/pair shipped…8347bda1d2a6f38142c10fac0…8347bda1d2a6f38142c10fac0……

  • Quote from MiM: “Nobody wants to see the inside of Kia Sorrento... ” How did you know the name of my high school girlfriend???

  • Quote from War Hoop: “Quote from ahm700: “Quote from War Hoop: “Quote from ahm700: “Quote from wjfyfe: “Just an interesting note on our part where since becoming an owner back in early 2015 I do not believe that I have heard yet of a SlingShot getting stolen? Also, it sure couldn't be too hard to track down being as rare as they are and as obvious as it would be...............? Bill ” Someone on this forum had there’s almost stolen. I can’t remember details but a lot of damage was done to it. ” …

  • Quote from Flybuddy: “Quote from lowlander: “Sheepskin works great for us. Always had them on our Harley seats, so put them in the SS. Great on both cold and hot rides. ” How does the sheepskin handle the rain? I'd be a little "sheepish" about doing that. ” Quite well on the sheep - not so good on the Sling.

  • Quote from Dave@DDMWorks: “Hello, They have a good selection of Polaris colors here - All Powder Paints® | Powder Coating Colors? Hope that helps, Dave ” Thanks Dave! I sure appreciate the response. Yes, I could/should have mentioned that I have found this sight. They do have a number of powder matches for Polaris colors, including orange madness. I must have misread their website which was down all weekend and was totally redone, and thought I had to order a 5 lb. minimum, which I do not. I'm r…

  • Quote from Ross: “FYI - I'm color blind but the 2019 orange looks different to me than the 2018 ” I believe they are calling the 2019 afterburner orange. 2017-18 was orange madness, a very popular color. 2015 was nuclear sunset orange and only a few exist. This, coupled with Polaris' secrecy regarding their colors provides the challenge. You would think that they would have some transparency regarding paint codes and colors to promote the manufacture of aftermarket parts that they don't, and wil…

  • My only feedback is from my buddy that owns a tranny shop (the automobile kind). He has told me that the Aisin trannies are decent and reasonably reliable but nothing special. They do the job they are designed for and, unlike wives, are typically more expensive to rebuild than replace with a low mileage unit. I do not have numbers - on trannies or wives.

  • I am having some difficulty finding a powder to the Orange Madness paint. Originally I thought I would match the powder coat that is on the swingarm, shock coil overs and frame. After further consideration, I think it would be much better on the front grill and kickplate to match the body paint which is higher gloss and has a metallic flake to it. If ANYONE has a suggestion they are willing to share, I would greatly appreciate it. I see that DDM Works is selling parts in this color. @Dave@DDMWor…

  • Quote from War Hoop: “They'd have me sold if it would cut my grass too. ” Well it is Cub Cadet color. Does it come in a zero-turn?

  • Quote from MrGrey: “Quote from Jimmy540i: “blown-up ( this is my favorite light pose ) slingshot.jpg ” I also got the same kit (version 2). the instructional manual is trash. i already have my wire ran, just need to know where each plug goes into the fuse box. And what fuse to remove first? Can you please send photo on how you did yours before I still thru anything? @Jimmy540i…8347bda1d2a6f38142c10fac0…8347bda1d2a6f38142c10fac0 ” This…

  • Quote from Boomer: “@Ross you an @KayTwo , you two are so mean, y’all are just gonna sit on your asses smoke and watch, while that exhausted new teacher slaves over the stove and over the SS getting things ready for your trip that she is not going on ” @Ross: Uh huh. @KayTwo: Yup. @Ross: Can I have another cookie? @KayTwo: You ate 'em all. @Ross: At least this cigar is nice. @KayTwo: Yup.

  • MeanSling Sport Top and rain?

    SlingLow - - MeanSling


    Quote from gooseman: “I don't have one but I rode with @Painter and @SlingRider and @Slingrazor during Maggie heading to lunch during some heavy rain storms and from what I could tell it definitely helped a lot. ” They make a MeanSling Sport Top for a 4 seater???

  • Quote from KayTwo: “Quote from Ross: “Holler Look what I got in the mail ..... wonder what it could be Wish I didn't have to work tomorrow but installation has to wait for the rims and tires ” Do you need me to loan you my wrenchwench, to make sure it gets done properly? ” You know this is a bolt on mod. No cutting, drilling, carving, clipping, snipping, gouging scraping, boring, piercing, penetrating, chiseling, chipping, hacking, slashing or maiming required. Hell, A @KayTwo could do it!

  • Quote from Bigdog: “This is mine....Different part…8347bda1d2a6f38142c10fac0 Don’t know if it’s a reissue or early version. ” That looks like the album cover from 'Dark Side of the Womb'

  • Quote from exharleyrider: “Almost, looking up error code for the wash machine, it quit. Think I have it. Will see tomorrow, too late to work on it now so will just keep giving you a hard time. ” Hey @exharleyrider I just googled it. Error code: 17757 = you're a man, WTF do you care? Buy a new one when/if your wife insists. Wear dirty shorts until then. Sorry brother - couldn't resist. Hope all is well with you and yours!

  • Quote from MiM: “@ericastar76, can't you do them with your fancy equipment? If so, please let me know, because I wanted a custom grill too and had asked Doug about it awhile back... ” What he said. I'm wondering too as we haven't had an update on your shop and business for a while. Are you limited by length or thickness - of material. oh my hell @MiM, get your mind out of the gutter!

  • Quote from Ross: “Holler Look what I got in the mail ..... wonder what it could be…8347bda1d2a6f38142c10fac0 Wish I didn't have to work tomorrow but installation has to wait for the rims and tires ” Oh man! I didn't mean to leak your Porn Name. My bad! is not affiliated with Polaris Industries the makers of Polaris Slingshot in any way.