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  • Heated Riding Gear

    Ross - - Slingshot General Discussion


    Quote from KayTwo: “Quote from SlingLow: “Quote from Bigdog: “Been trying to come up with a clean solution to plugging in 4 different heated garments.... ” Or: long johns, gloves, wool socks and a jacket. You'll never plug them into the wrong place. ” Hey, @Ross, look at all the extra clothes Doug thinks he's gonna remember to bring! ” let's just hope poor Sarah isn't planning on going with

  • Quote from Doc&Ruby: “The new (2019) SLR is available in red pearl, and the polaris website shows the interior color accent available in that color for about $450. Question is whether the 2019 red pearl is the same color as earlier slings with that color name... if photos on the web are any guide, it may not be a close match. ” haven't seen a 2019 yet but there are lots of fast red 2015 and 2016s .... join us in Eureka Springs in a few weeks and you'll be able to see and match up close

  • Arkansas

    Ross - - South


    welcome aboard @Doc&Ruby - looking forward to photos of your ride and adventures You've got some of the best Slingshot owners in your neck of the woods Hope to see you at the rally in Eureka Springs

  • Quote from SlingLow: “Quote from KayTwo: “Quote from Ross: “Quote from KayTwo: “Oh, @Ross... ” far too kind sir ” Seriously, tho, POUND SAND. You have proven time and again you deserve the title and the accolades that go with it. ” Fixed it for ya. ” now THAT is f'ing hilarious

  • Arkansas Helmet Laws - Ozarks info

    Ross - - South


    nope but in Missouri you do

  • has anyone heard from @STYLN? I know the fires were very close and I think his work may have made him even more busy with the fires Just want to be sure all is well

  • Quote from Boomer: “Now everyone has read what @dangerdarrell just posted so if the weather looks bad , we’ll JUST SAYIN ” I didn't even know he was a farmer

  • Quote from KayTwo: “Oh, @Ross... ” far too kind sir Welcome aboard @highiso - looking forward to photos of your ride and adventures Please take a moment We do put together a forum members calendar each year of photos of our Slingshots taken by their owners snd friends. Submit photos to for consideration. Years and years and years ago I owned my own studio. 3 photographers 2 assistants an office manager and usually 4 to 6 unpaid "interns". We did weddings, seniors,…

  • annual forum members calendar time is just around the corner so don't forget to submit your photos for consideration NOW - just like voting ... do it early and do it often

  • Quote from studiopeg: “Now what am I missing? My FZ has slots for positive and negative on opposite sides of the block. I'm looking at the Neutrino now... one slot only. How does that work? (Sung to the Wizard of Oz Tune "if I only had a brain...") ” check out this info and video on the SlingMods website Neutrino Element Fuse Block for the Polaris Slingshot

  • Quote from HLC45: “I have a F4 +3 windshield on my 2016 SL. I would like pictures of the design and price. Sent from my iPhone using Polaris Slingshot Info ” check out the website at

  • any new tires, alignment, dirt/gravel roads, does the sound change depending on speed, have you sprayed the belt down with water to clean it, is the belt riding to the right or left, etc.?

  • Quote from busatodd: “Ok have a weird noise coming from rear tire area, been to 2 dealers, first one sad belt was too tight and adjusted it, didn't help, two weeks later take to another dealer and they find bolt loose,so they readjust belt, I'm hoping that's the problem....... nope. I don't know who to turn to, about ready to sell, this noise is driving me…d0305b91da5cce9e79006e04f This is bolt left loose, and trying to upload video of noise but won't let me.…

  • it's like meeting Elvis - making him a peanutbutter and banana sandwich popping a couple dozen opioids doing a show and the next day he had no idea who you are

  • Quote from Nemesis1701: “OMG. there are some people here I just can't wait to meet in person... ” ummmmm excuse me sir - I was the guy running the Slingshot behind you honking in all the tunnels....perhaps you forgot the rain and hail but me - can't believe you forgot we met

  • What the heck?

    Ross - - Slingshot General Discussion


    let's just say it is only unexplained because you haven't gone the length to accurately test all components that impact MPG - there are more things than just gasoline that impact MPG

  • Quote from SSREAPER: “I know im late to the party but much for a set of your bags? Thank you SSREAPER ”

  • Europe

    Ross - - Click Here to see the Regions


    Quote from SlingLow: “Man! Forget your raingear ONE time and you're left out of all the fun. Trust me guys, I'm ready for this! th ” fine ..... I'll pack an extra parka for you - "just in case" PS. No left handed sled teams available

  • Quote from rabtech: “Quote from Jonathan Thompson: “Quote from rabtech: “I got a room at the host hotel today.... ” Did you angry panda their asses? ” Nope , they called me today because someone had canceled. Cant wait to see everyone..... ” Bobby, will you be bringing any of the new shirts, stickers, etc.?

  • huh - so there's a carry weight limit for the Slingshot - who knew ... not this guy most people hate Corbin bags for their customer service - because there is NO CUSTOMER SERVICE after the sale We love ours - just returned from a 2 week 4400 mile trip and I love them as much today as when we got them I'm what most consider to be a model weight ... a petite 2XL model I've got the MadStad roof so I am well over the weight limit and JRI coil overs (PS coil overs should be your first mod if you plan… is not affiliated with Polaris Industries the makers of Polaris Slingshot in any way.