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  • Happy Birthday @SundreSlingQueen, I hope all your wishes were fulfilled and happiness is your default life mode. Have a great week, month and year. Sorry I'm late, but it is my default life mode.

  • Flow Free is my favorite. There are several Flow Free games and each adds different challenges.…f1f7b52b1e540ed17d98e7137 Smash Hit is fun also.…f1f7b52b1e540ed17d98e7137

  • Quote from MISC: “Thanks @Funcycle. I still am trying to figure out this squeal I get @2500 rpm. It sounds like an exhaust leak of some kind but there are no signs of one and it only happens at 2500 rpm on acceleration and deceleration. I’ve removed the springs and run without them for a short run and still get it. I’m beginning to wonder about the alternator and the pulley. I might just put the stock exhaust back on just to rule out something coming loose on the can of my 1320 exhaust. Thanks f…

  • @Orangeman I can't find it either. It was a blip on T.V.. I may add, their site search engine as well as The Associated Press sites suck really bad. Here is an ABC and CBS for ya.……f1f7b52b1e540ed17d98e7137

  • Quote from Orangeman: “. Anybody see this reported on any main stream news .. I can't even find it mentioned on any nationally syndicated news feeds ..... The City of Titusville, Florida - Gunman Stopped by Bystander at Local Park This was at a "Back to School" celebration in a park full of families with children ... only the gunman was hit thanks to a civilian legally carrying and willing to act ... Wonder why ..... . ” Not on main stream news, but I saw it on "Clinton News Network" / "Fake New…

  • Quote from mytoy: “Anybody knows which kind of gun that is? ” Is that what the bang noise was?

  • I'm happy to hear the last man driving has finally put his steed in the stable safe and sound. As many said, thanks for bringing us along.

  • Quote from funinthesun: “No, but I would say that he being a millionaire not needing the money and donating it to worthy causes is a lot better than his predecessor having an office full of assistants for his wife, a dog trainer, two calligraphers (shall I go on) feeding millions of dollars a year off the teats of the American taxpayer. ”…f1f7b52b1e540ed17d98e7137 I too found it ridiculous. Nobody needs that many personal assistants. I also find it ridiculous that …

  • Phil you forgot to mention that most of the places he donates his salary $400k to, National Parks, Veterans... , he has defunded by millions. It's great that he is giving, but if I cut you on purpose, let you bleed a lot, am I a hero if I give you a pint of blood while you bleed? His tax cuts alone make him personally a lot more money than the 400k he is giving away.

  • I really like the blue they chose. Looks really nice.

  • COMING SOON! R-Shot EZ-Out

    WOLF - - R-Shot Accesories


    It looks great @lrobbi. Keep the great mods coming!

  • Quote from SSREAPER: “Quote from WOLF: “He's high tech now @SSREAPER. He has one of them there fancy folding phones. He can take it anywhere he goes and talk to people on regular phones. ” WOW!....REALY?!?! Folding???? Gawsh I hope someday I can work my way to one of those! I fear though...all my efforts will be in vain! ” Yeah, by the time we can get one something newer and cooler will be out.

  • He's high tech now @SSREAPER. He has one of them there fancy folding phones. He can take it anywhere he goes and talk to people on regular phones.

  • Excellent news Phil. So happy to hear that you are clear. We all know people still call and speak to people, don't we @MACAWS.

  • Congrats @MACAWS. It's been a long time coming. So happy to hear you have your perfect sling, well, perfect. Enjoy my friend. Really @rabtech, you won't even give Mitch a couple weeks of glory before heading to Dave to bump your numbers? Ruthless.

  • Quote from Shatneyman: “Quote from Chain: “…f1f7b52b1e540ed17d98e7137 ” and most of them are not citizens! ” Oh Damn, I didn't think about that. NFL football is the most American team sport out there. The National Hockey League is becoming the Russian Hockey League. MLB in a few more years will stand for Mexican League Baseball and the NBA is a mixed bag, but has far more foreigners than the NFL. Thanks @Shatneyman, those guys were starting to make me question my lo…

  • I agree @Zorasmiles, you did however forget to specifically by side/party/name call out the left/snowflakes for the same thing. I see that it was implied, but many will see what you wrote as Liberal nonsense.

  • There is a lot of crying on Sponge Bob @BONES, see if they have the Velocity channel. Oh, and I put, "tough guys" in quotes because when somebody is calling others crybabies, implies they themselves are tough guys that don't cry or complain.

  • Not a 180 flip @BONES, just stating facts. All the "tough guy" republicans do just as much whining, crying and complaining as the snowflake libs. Neither side sees themselves as crybabies, they're just calling out things that look wrong to them. I see most of it from both sides as a bunch of crybabies and chronic complainers. As I stated two years ago and you still don't see it. Notice I say, "same crybaby crap", not taking sides, just calling both sides crybabies. Yeah, you guys will probably m…

  • Am I the only one seeing a continuing theme of "manly men" crying, bitching and complaining about 'crybaby ass snowflakes always crying, bitching and complaining"?……f1f7b52b1e540ed17d98e7137 is not affiliated with Polaris Industries the makers of Polaris Slingshot in any way.