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  • I get the welded VS bolted explanation, but, in my minds eye I keep coming back to a removable situation is as if you were rolling out to the beach or strip and decided to remove the top. Not that I would have the choice of removing it before I leave the house and putting it back on when I get home. But I clearly see the point. I am not looking for a freebie or handout or an exception to policy. Just clarification and opinion. I actually have the question emailed to the local law enforcement and…

  • I keep helmets behind the seat, but I am sticking with the law as it is written stating non-removable roof. Being bolted on I personally will consider that non-removable and also that I am not able to ride it out to a location, take the roof off and store it anywhere, that will be my argument lol. but if they get persistent, then I have the helmet with me and will put it on. Highway speeds though I prefer to have it on. Just feel safer.

  • well there you go, I am not EVER going to need that lol. they do look cool though lol

  • I know to a lot of you this is going to sound stupid but I have to ask. I have been searching all over the internet for the answer but to no avail. . . . . . . Splitters - what do they do? what is their purpose? I think they look cool, but what is the reason besides looks to get them?

  • makes sense to me. I have a tall windshield and on the highway I wear helmets. I sometimes wear my helmet in town. I wear sunglasses to protect my eyes but still prefer the helmet for higher speeds. I wont argue that one bit. Would definitely hate to hit the pavement without a helmet. Nothing good would come of it. I have stopped 2 different cops and both told me to call their precinct and that they had little knowledge of anything in depth. When I talked them I was mainly trying to discuss LED'…

  • general question, Virginia state law says that if you have a "non-removable" roof, that you are not required to wear a helmet. The slingshade bolts on and is what I would consider non-removable because you cant just unlatch or unhook it and it comes off. There is a discussion on facebook reference this. Some Virginia police are stating due to them being bolted and not welded they are considered removable and not the reverse. So they are forcing people to wear helmets. Of course this is only a co…

  • good bye to the old and hello to the new, great wrench day At @rabtech garage, I am so blessed to live close to this guy he is awsome and has helped more than I could ever repay him for all he has done for me and my wife.! thumbup.png Thank you my brother.... do you have pics of what it looks like coming out of the side? I have looked around and wondered if I wanted to go for the rear exhaust or do a side exhaust. What are the benefits of side over rear?

  • hey, yes I met you at colemans once. I didn't know it was DC takeover. where is that info posted? lol. wish I would have seen that I would have joined it. the life of the uninformed I guess lol.

  • hey all, quick question........I was out yesterday in Lorton on Route 1 and 3 slings went by me, no tops on them and 2 were lit up. any clues to who might be in the area? I would assume they would be somewhat local because to get to Lorton or route 1 there are only 2 reasons to be there lol, one is local and the other is GAS lol. otherwise nobody stops here. Just trying to see if there are more people around or find out why nobody stopped by to say hello lol.

  • everybody keeps talking about exhaust rattling, at about what mileage did that start?

  • that is true, but I am needing to put quite a bit away for the kids when they grow up. rather than use it for myself I need to make sure that they have a rainy day account to fall back on. I want to make sure they are able to have a safety net and I need to build that up first before I start putting more into my "toy" as the wife puts it lol.

  • yeah the wife is not happy with how much I have spent so far lol. I have put about $9K in mods, but I myself love it and so does everyone I see on the road because I am always getting smiles, high fives, thumbs up and a billion questions. Plus they all want to take pictures of it and of them in it lol. More to come also.

  • holy cow, no way. that is wild. I think I will stick with the stebel I have lmao.

  • how does it compare to an Air Horn? I paid 35 bucks for it and installed it myself. the kids hate it lmao. they jump every time I hit it. absolutely love using it on the highway.

  • Quote from ericastar76: “Added some support to my “drooping lights”... LOL! ” looking good

  • Quote from FunCycle: “At the moment 67,246 miles since Feb.12, 2015 on one Slingshot. Over 3,000 miles in the last three weeks. ” holy cow, I haven't looked to be exact but I bought my 2017 on 1 October of 17 and I don't think I have even reached 1000 yet. wow, you are killin it lol.

  • yeah, trying to put that kind of money into something like this and the wife would definitely kill me lol. I mean, if it isn't broke don't fix it. that is the line of thought I will take with this one lol

  • $3K is about half the price of the stuff I saw from other vendors. The one I was originally looking at was the 305HP and it was going to be up around 5.5K and that is just shipping it to my door, not even installing it. I cant imagine doing that lol.

  • Good morning

    Hernandeves5 - - New England


    welcome aboard @MyShot16, a lot of sharp guys here, they know their way around the SS.

  • Quote from funinthesun: “i dropped it off to have it turbocharged ” How much was it to get it turbocharged? I am thinking about this very seriously but the stuff I have been looking at is around $5K and that is a tad bit TOO rich for me. is not affiliated with Polaris Industries the makers of Polaris Slingshot in any way.