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  • Mileage so far...

    KayTwo - - Slingshot General Discussion


    Quote from Goats_Hogs: “2016.5 bought on May 22, 2016. Just shy of 31,000 on it when I parked it this morning. ” That's within a couple days of when I bought my 2016.5. I'm just shy of 19k. Ask me again in 2 weeks, I'll be pushing 25k.

  • Quote from EjFord: “Quote from KayTwo: “So.... I might need to invest in a trailer... ” Trailers are for the 'Dam Yankees' heading south in January.... ” Or the misplaced Damn Yankees headed back North, freighted down with everyone *else's* shit...

  • Quote from War Hoop: “Polaris probably sued them and won...??? ” Don't know why, they were carrying OEM Polaris parts.

  • We will miss you up North!

  • Quote from SlingLow: “No takers yet on the luggage racks. I may bring a couple along anyway. ” You should! I'm repping all the little guys, trying to get sales up! Your racks and rear protection plate, @StickerDick 's fenders, @Ruptured Duck 's top and bags, @lrobbi 's footrest, hood buttons by @mniron ....


  • Quote from lew88_88: “When installing the rear protection plate, will we have access to the third brake light? I have one to install, but have not had the back end pulled apart. Figured if we have access to it when installing the plate than I might as well wait till next week. ” Not really, you dont have to take it apart that far.

  • You guys! Got another supporter! Mad props to @mniron for donating a hood button kit, and double props for helping me with a solution because I got the request in too late. He'll give the kit to @'Bu11sh1t''s wife on Saturday as she drives through on her way to Sundre. Now we just gotta make sure it goes to someone with the balls to drill the holes! Thank you, sir! And thanks to @'Ross' for reminding me. @SundreSlingQueen @Slingshot Garage

  • So.... I might need to invest in a trailer...

  • @lew88_88, I would sure love to get a look at that setup next weekend!

  • Quote from lew88_88: “My order arrived at my door one day less than 6 weeks from the time I placed the order ” This is the most amazing thing to me in all of this! Who knew moose-drawn carriages could go so far so fast over the tundra!

  • Quote from lew88_88: “@KayTwo, You have and are doing a bang up job!! A tip of the hat to you! One week and one day away! Looking forward to meeting you and shaking the hand of one of the many Slingshot Legends I read about in the forum!! ” Thank you sir, but I'm not really doing much, just trying to herd a few cats in the East coast time zone so my Western friends don't have to do too much math.

  • Another shout-out to another awesome supporter of Sundre Slingfest! I was given this today from DDM in support of Slingfest. 20 t-shirts 5 nut covers 2 coil pack covers 2 hood hinges 2 center armrests 2 sets of side armrests 2 grab bar handle covers…df2e741fbe4d086e6927b25e6…df2e741fbe4d086e6927b25e6 I can't say thanks enough to @Dave@DDMWorks, @Ivy@DDMWorks, and @Angie@DDMWorks. Now I gotta find room in the Sling along with all the o…

  • Huge shout out to @STYLN for his donation to the Sundre SlingFest effort.…df2e741fbe4d086e6927b25e6…df2e741fbe4d086e6927b25e6…df2e741fbe4d086e6927b25e6…df2e741fbe4d086e6927b25e6 The four pouches at the top are either for your Slingshot manual and important papers in the Slingshot, or they fit a 9 inch tablet. Then we have four envelopes with different colors of Polaris nose…

  • Quote from FunCycle: “Quote from KayTwo: “Quote from Ghost: “Glad to see all of you out enjoying yourselves! ” You make it sound like the other alternative is Bingo and drooling into their oatmeal! ” One day I will not be able to ride. I do my best while I can. ” Yes sir, you do. I was just teasing Tim. I look up to you guys an awful lot for living the way you want to live as much as you can.

  • Quote from Ghost: “Glad to see all of you out enjoying yourselves! ” You make it sound like the other alternative is Bingo and drooling into their oatmeal!

  • Quote from Slingrazor: “Quote from Guardian_Angel: “....To quote The Who.... WHO ARE YOU!? I know the rules.... pic or didnt happen... even if it wasnt the best pic. ” Think that is the Panda spotted out in the wild. ” Not sure that's I see a beard on that guy?

  • Quote from ericastar76: “Quote from KayTwo: “What she's not saying is that although I asked, she had already sold the used gear to a local guy NOT ON THE FORUM. ” What he’s not saying although he NEVER asked, is that same “local guy”, is also paying for the install too!…df2e741fbe4d086e6927b25e6 Horns are cheap, installs not so much... and since “cookie currency” is ALL I ACCEPT as payment from you ~> you got it pretty good there bub! I’m going to beat you like a b…

  • Quote from MiM: “Quote from ericastar76: “Quote from MiM: “So... The used Marco horn @ericastar76? Asking for a friend... ” Already sold! LOL ~> @KayTwo beat you to the punch and asked earlier. ” Well done Jared... Well done... ” What she's not saying is that although I asked, she had already sold the used gear to a local guy NOT ON THE FORUM.

  • Quote from Ghost: “While we are on the subject of headlights I put in some new outside light bulbs tonight. They have a fan built onto the back of them. If I put the rubber boot back on the fixture that came off the fan will not be able to move any air at all. If I leave the boot off I believe the front tire will fill the little fan full of dirt. What has everyone else done? ” I used side cutters to cut two small square airholes in the sides of those boots. Enough to let air in, but also keep mo… is not affiliated with Polaris Industries the makers of Polaris Slingshot in any way.