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  • Quote from Chain: “I bought a Aoooga horn at a flee market for 10 bucks. It has the ga but the oooo is missing. But it is louder than the stock horn. ” Dive, Dive, Dive sounds good.

  • @Chad as mentioned, cycle trader, auto trader and the like. You could Google "used polaris slingshot for sale" and get some good results. Here are a few. 2015-polaris-slingshot-for-sale Polaris Slingshot For Sale -® I also noticed some on in the "for sale" section. Ball Equipment is in Michigan, they offer great prices. A couple forum members have come from out of state to purchase from them. @cball86 and @FixMyToysZach are the guys to talk to there. They may …

  • @edwardaneal my stickers are all sandwiched between manuals to keep them safe. I've been debating on putting them on the underside of the hood for years. One day I will make a decision.

  • Halos reimagined

    WOLF - - CAMFU


    That's awesome @pigmanfu!!

  • Nice try @funinthesun, but he said emails. You don't find them in Facebook. Since Hillary's servers were apparently wiped clean the only logical places to look for Hillary emails is her aids computer and the DNC servers.

  • I am always late to these. I hope you had a great day @BONES. Happy belated birthday brother. If you could stretch your celebration through the weekend, my late message won't feel so late. Enjoy your weekend.

  • Quote from BONES: “Chapelle??? Don’t get it?? ” You have to click on the photo. I still haven't found a way to post photos with my phone that show up as the full photo on a post.

  • Quote from AllIn5450: “37238837_2006666999366199_3220326750093312000_n.jpg ”…273f48b7fd2dfde4df571c824

  • Sway Bar

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    Quote from SlingLow: “I'm following this thread bigtime. My strategy with my CJ5's has been drive it 'til you roll it. That way you know your margin of no return. I really don't want to employ this strategy on the Sling. But I am pushing harder and harder into the corners. I can feel the benefit of a stiffer swaybar. And maybe running with the traction control off. Rock and Roll brothers and sisters! ” Traction control off? You sir are a madman. I did that once in a parking lot and have never wo…

  • Not quite correct @funinthesun, you can't spin facts. Here is what Trump said. "Russia, if you’re listening, I hope you can find the 33,000 emails that are missing. I think you will probably be rewarded mightily by our press." No "maybe", and a lot closer to telling them to get to hacking, definently asking them to hack. Soooo Edit: I just realized, I never mentioned DNC computers. So you corrected nothing that I said.

  • Thanks @penrose, PRP seat covers. I have PRP heated seats from my first Sling just sitting in the garage.

  • You bring up a good point @War Hoop, though not sure why you had to quote me. The used market has a lot of steals out there that are very much worth looking at, as many have very low miles. And if somebody wanted something more unique with some great additions at a fraction of buying all those things new, used is great. Even if you just want a bone stock, Base, SL or SLR used can be a great money saver. My first Sling was an SL, I changed everything that made it an SL(windscreen, wheels, tires, …

  • The height is really a personal preference. Ask yourself, Do I want to look over or through? How tall is my torso? I have a Madstad 9 inch single. I had an F4 +3. I only switch because I realized I rather look over the windscreen. The F4 kinda requires baker air wings to meet the same comfort as the Madstad. I'm 5'11" average build(not long legged or long torso).

  • Welcome aboard @Chad, if you prefer the color of the SL than it is a great plan. If you like the look of a lower trim better, you can always add wider rims and tires and shocks for the same price or less than Polaris charges to upgrade. Driving on the interstate is totally safe as you can get around most people with ease from an acceleration standpoint. You may want to upgrade the wind screen of you are doing a lot of interstate driving.

  • Quote from AllIn5450: “37305673_1735955773192374_1608412986894974976_n.png ” They aren't blaming Trump for the hacking. Outside of the part where he said for Russia to hack and two days later they hacked and released info. The biggest problem is his his non-stop attempts to discredit our entire intelligence infrastructure. I know, I know, they screwed up big on WMD's. Does that mean they are useless and can never be believed again? Yeah, he said he "believes them" now. That is just like a five y…


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  • I say we keep it going also, that way is late comers don't feel as bad. Take another day off, Sling to your favorite spots and have a few cold ones @Jdin. Happy Birthday may the good times keep rollin'.

  • Quote from Bill Martin: “Quote from WOLF: “My first impulse was to "like" your post @Bill Martin because it seems so true, but it being so true is so very wrong and horrible for America. ” I know it seems distasteful but the US forming some type of relationship with Russia seems much better than the alternative. A branch will only bend so much before it snaps. In this instance if the branch snaps it could lead to world destruction. Hopefully both of these branches will bend for a positive outcom…

  • My first impulse was to "like" your post @Bill Martin because it seems so true, but it being so true is so very wrong and horrible for America. is not affiliated with Polaris Industries the makers of Polaris Slingshot in any way.